As we close out 2019, it’s great to reflect on some of the best projects of the year, and trust me there have been many incredible releases. I’ve written a total of 771 articles this year, most of which have been new album releases, which makes a list of 25 such a difficult task in hand. The criteria for this list is simple: Which albums have I listened to and returned to the most this year? I’m not going by any critical acclaim or which album I necessarily think is the “best” (whatever that means to people anyway), but which ones have captivated me and drawn me in the most in 2019. Make sure you check out my Honourable Mentions of 2019 here, and yeah! I hope you enjoy the list! Oh yeah, and these are in no particular order because fuck ranking music or art.

Slauson Malone – A Quiet Farewell (2016-2018)

Bold, experimental and utterly beautiful. Slauson Malone has created an utterly mesmerising body of work, experimenting with jazz, hip-hop, other ambient field recordings and an aura that sounds truly magical. A Quiet Farewell (2016-2018) is a true masterpiece of its time and unquestionably one of the best releases of this year. REVIEW / STREAM

Quelle Chris – Guns

For the third consecutive year, Quelle Chris finds himself on my best albums of the year list. Guns is a bold and daring album, tackling complex themes of mental health, gun control in the US and introspective, personal issues while doing it over a idiosyncratic soundscape full of hypnotic personality. He really cannot do any wrong. REVIEW / STREAM


The jazzy, soulful and incredibly beautiful production on Maxo’s new album LIL BIG MAN was the thing that drew me to his music. It was his incredibly introspective, intricate wordplay and incredible honesty that made this such an incredible listen. His rapping is truly formidable throughout. REVIEW / STREAM

MIKE – Tears Of Joy

MIKE has become one of my favourite rappers over the last year. His introspective, honest and often heartbreaking lyricism makes him such a relateable artist. Tears of Joy remembers his mother’s death. It’s a truly heartfelt release and I honestly cannot recommend his music enough. Such a phenomenal album. REVIEW / STREAM

MAVI – Let The Sun Talk

MAVI is a true poet. Let The Sun Talk helped to establish him as such. A moving, uplifting and introspective release that highlights himself as an incredibly lyricist and intelligent human being. Listening to this album from start to finish, I revel in his intricate wordplay and clever lyricism. The soundscape is also incredible. REVIEW / STREAM

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