Music: mavi – let the sun talk

You guys have no idea how long I’ve been anticipating an album from this don. From Charlotte, North Carolina, talented musician mavi has been making waves with his introspective, personal, soulful and abstract hip-hop. Having worked with the likes of Medhane, Pink Siifu and Navy Blue among many others, he has been able to carve his own lane, and his new album let the sun talk is an utterly beautiful one.

Firstly, the rapping. Jesus fucking Christ this man can spit.

clasp the windows to my soul
smoke thicken grab my mental by the throat
mind sifting tides shift it's still cemented around my toes
saran wrap around my pack I can't trust get hand to
hand served w a hand behind my back
they prayed for us, ain't heard the answer but my glance is in the stash

Yeah this shit is dope as hell, and the whole album is full of dense flows and intricate wordplay. Throughout the 13 track project, he is really able to capture his soul and open up, it’s quite wonderful to see. He fully inspires me to want to write and create for myself. Tracks like “Self Love” produced by newphew hesh is a gorgeous and moving track with an excellent looped soul sample that gives way to “II,” a dense lyrical masterpiece talking about his experience living as a black man in America. As he describes himself,

To be Pro-Black means to relentlessly pursue money, land, guns and useful knowledge for the purpose of creating and maintaining healthy and productive Black communities. It means the cultivation of a culture that reinforces a unified vision of Black well being and continuous advancement. It is also to seek for oneself and share to share with one’s communities the following critical assets: knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace and happiness.”

This is the essence of the album, and with the beautiful, experimental production throughout from the likes of dj blackpower aka MIKE, Thebe Kgositsile aka Earl Sweatshirt, dkarim, nephew hesh among others. It’s a phenomenal release, and sI only hope that more people will support and share his music.

Listen to mavi’s new album let the sun talk below via Soundcloud and don’t forget to support!

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5 comments on “Music: mavi – let the sun talk

  1. Adrian Richards

    this side of music is dead dope. y’all should check for MESSIAH! and Shawn May if y’all mess with mavi

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