2019 was a phenomenal year for music, so much so that I found it almost impossible to pick my absolute favourites. These 15 honourable mentions are projects that, while didn’t quite make it into my top 25, still deserve recognition (bear in mind that I’ve reviewed over 600 albums in 2019). Without further ado, here’s the list!

Wu-Lu – S.U.F.O.S

Unassuming, raw and often full of punk-like energy, Wu-Lu’s short EP S.U.F.O.S is an absolute highlight. I have been coming back to this one constantly because of it’s true artistry and incredible compositional prowess. The South London-based artist has proved yet again why he is one of the most exciting new voices of this generation, and this album is a true testament to that. REVIEW / STREAM

Intalekt – The Adventures of Masta Splinta

Intalekt is one of my favourite London-based producers, so it’s no surprise that his 2019 instrumental album The Adventures of Masta Splinta would be one of my most played albums of this year. Soulful, textured and beautiful throughout, it highlights why he’s one of the best artists working today. Big ups bro! REVIEW / STREAM

Scott Xylo – Chapter One: El Mago

Bold, psychedelic and mesmerizing, Scott Xylo has exceeded expectations again with his new EP El Mago. It’s part of a trilogy of releases, something I’m incredibly excited for next year. Not only this, but he is also working on a comic book to complement the music with visuals and an awesome story. This man is all kinds of talented, so much love to him. REVIEW / STREAM

Jake Milliner – Bernie Says

London-based producer Jake Milliner releases his highly anticipated new album Bernie Says this year, a project I have been looking forward to for a while. Raw, boom-bap production with textured instrumentation and a lot of personality. A project definitely worth checking out. REVIEW / STREAM

Alxndr London – I V M E R I N

London-based electronic producer Alxndr London released a mystical, experimental and boundary-pushing project this year titled I V M E R I N. It’s a cohesive body of work showcasing his skills as a producer and singer, with varying textures, melodies and influences being heard throughout. A great release that deserves all the praise it can get. REVIEW / STREAM

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