Music: Intalekt – The Adventures of Masta Splinta

I’ll just say this right now, Intalekt is one of my favourite producers at the moment. As a producer, he has come out with projects such as his 2015 breakthrough It Is What It Is. Last year was big for him as one half of hip-hop duo Billy Dukes (alongside talented mc GeeFree), as they released my favourite album of 2018 titled The Intervention. Now, he comes through with a new solo release titled The Adventures of Masta Splinta, an amazing instrumental release that highlights his inspirations and talents fully. It really is a vibe.

Ten tracks long, the album is dense with both boom bap and trap influenced production, all enveloped with silky synths, saxophone leads (lead by
Charly Richardson, who also helped with production on The Intervention) and smooth percussive elements that create a soothing, soulful tone to the sonic landscape he is able to create. “Hope” is a beautiful cut, one which features a slow-paced beat with an emotive saxophone lead that is just incredibly moving. “We Move” bring a more futuristic, trap inspired sound that features quirky sound effects and a spacey synth that brings out a ethereal quality to it, something also felt on tracks such as “Immerse” and “Peace.” My favourite track, however is “The Village” as instrumentally it sounds most complex and refined. With saxophone and trumpet leads that dominate the track’s spiritual quality, gorgeous synths also provide a pretty fantastic layer of sound to complement the track itself. It’s all super dope.

So, I’d like to ask everyone in the beat and hip-hop scenes to support this amazing project from an amazingly talented musician (who also happens to be one of the nicest people in the scene). You can listen to Intalekt’s The Adventures of Masta Splinta below via Bandcamp, and don’t forget to support!

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