Music: Theon Cross – Fyah

As an integral part on the growing and thriving London and UK jazz scene, talented tuba player Theon Cross is known for his explosive live shows and dense compositions that showcase his different influences, from early New Orleans bass line influences as well as the synth soundscapes and rhythms from modern grime and trap.

On his new album Fyah, Theon creates stunning compositions that are bass heavy and emotive. The way he is able to tell stories through the tuba is just mesmerising. Tracks like “Activate” create an almost aggressive sound with the help of Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia. It’s menacing energy is balanced with more emotive and sombre moments such as “Letting Go,” where Theon’s tuba almost sounds like it’s weeping through. The drumming throughout the album is also stellar, as it provides a foundation for Theon and team to experiment with percussion and wind instruments. “Candace of Meroe” provides dance-heavy grooves through its hypnotic drumming and percussion that brings high energy to the record. “LDN’a Burning” is a terrific closer to the album, an almost apocalyptic end to the album with its high intense energy and grooves that just wail and cry throughout. A truly electrifying way end this exceptional body of work.

Listen to Theon Cross’ new album Fyah below via Bandcamp, and make sure you support! Released via Gearbox Records.

Theon Cross: tuba 
Moses Boyd: drums 
Nubya Garcia: tenor saxophone (Tracks 1-4, 6 & 8) 
Wayne Francis (Ahnansé): tenor saxophone (Tracks 5 & 7) 
Artie Zaitz: electric guitar (Tracks 5 & 7) 
Tim Doyle: percussion (Track 5) 
Nathaniel Cross: trombone (Track 7) 

All tracks composed and arranged by Theon Cross. 

Horn arrangements on ‘CIYA’ by Wayne Francis (Ahnansé) and Nathaniel Cross. 

Recorded at Soup Studios by Giles Barrett and David Holmes. 
Mixed by David Wehinm. 
Mastered and cut by Darrel Sheinman and Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records.

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