Music: Scott Xylo – Chapter One: El Mago

Scott Xylo is the future and that is certain. Having released some excellent experimental funk and psychedelic music with the release of his 2018 album Find Us When U Get There and his recent single “Morpheus” the talented musician continues to push all creative boundaries imaginable. El Mago is the first installment of a new 3 part album Myths Of The Space Wizard, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

El Mago really is something special. My favourite track off Find Us When U Get There is “Pyramids,” a short but utterly beautiful psychedelic rock track with incredible guitar leads that just brought so much soul to the record as a whole. I was hoping that his musical direction would lead him to release bolder, more boundary-pushing music. El Mago really exceeds my expectations with that, bringing the same aura I felt in some of the tracks off his last album, while experimenting a lot more with psychedelic sounds, off-kilter vocals and guitar melodies and riffs that sound mature and eclectic. “Birth of the Space Wizard” starts off with a comic book-like start with a monologue introducing the story and electronic effects, loops and synths that provide a moody backdrop. Talented musician Tulin appears on this track with subtle but beautiful vocals, as percussion also makes this an ethereal one. The guitar leads come in, bringing a soulful and moody tone to the record. “Flowers in the Snow” has a hard-hitting beat, as well as Scott Xylo singing in a raw, almost tribal fashion. The ethereal melody of “Nightfall” is amazing to me, with Kai Rabai’s subtle vocals adding depth and a tone to the project that is simply unique. The incredible guitar leads near the latter half of the track and the subtle but incredible horn sections making this a grandiose track. “Black Sea of Trees” though, is my favourite track off the project. There’s something about the ethereal, hypnotic tone of the record, with Scott’s singing and the stunning… I’ll say it again – STUNNING guitar melody complementing the ethereal, otherworldly energy of this track.

I’m genuinely enamored by this project, and I don’t just say that for the sake of it. This is some profound music that I’ve really been properly feeling since it came out. And I’ll continue to listen and support because this man is the future. Listen to Scott Xylo’s new project Chapter One: El Mago below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via Black Acre Records.

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