Music: Scott Xylo – Find Us When U Get There

*2018 Album of the Year*

IT HAS ARRIVED! The highly anticipated album from Leicester-based space-funk-wizard Scott Xylo is here, and it is an absolute gem. Find Us When U Get There is a 7 track album consisting of the two lead singles “Ariya,” featuring Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera & Marcus Joseph and “Hold On.”

You can really hear Scott’s influences throughout this crazy musical journey. From the intense jazz rhythms of “Sam’s Jollof” to the smooth, soulful vibrations of “Mothership Connekt,” Scott is able to craft and album that is both sonically diverse yet musically dense and concise. The rich textures throughout make this an incredibly enjoyable experience. “Ariya” is still one of the highlights, with it’s afrobeat grooves and the incredible features. That saxophone ending from Marcus Joseph is just heavenly. My favourite track, however is the last one on the album. “Pyramids” is way too short in my opinion. You could hear Scott’s prog rock influence shine through on an incredible guitar which plays out subtly in the background over incredible drum patterns and a bassline that just brings the track to life. As the song progresses, the guitar solo gets progressively more intense and interesting, but to be 100 with you, the abrupt ending made me want more and feel like Scott had so much more in him to really elevate that track into an epic album closer.

Regardless, this album provides us with a great insight into who Scott is as a musician and as an artist. A stellar release from an incredibly gifted artist, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store with his comic book that will likely arrive with the limited edition pre-order of his LP. Keep creating bro, you’re going to reach new heights!

You can listen to Scott Xylo’s new album Find Us When U Get There below via Bandcamp, and make sure you support! Released via Black Acre Records.

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