Music: MIKE – tears of joy

New York based rapper MIKE comes through with a soulful, introspective and intimate album titled tears of joy following his excellent 2018 releases, including War in my Pen. With the majority of the 20 track album being produced by dj blackpower, this album is a dense, soulful album with beautiful samples and again, an introspective and captivating MIKE, who brings clever and intricate wordplay as well as an honest and painful tone throughout. It is dedicated to his mom, who sadly passed away recently, so Rest In Peace to her.

“Scarred Lungs, Vol. 1 & 2” kicks the album off with distorted jazz keys and synths, creating a muddy soundscape. MIKE talks a lot about mental health on this album, with his low-key tone being a poignant way to express himself. His vocals are almost engulfed by the production, which is a great metaphor to show his emotions. The ohbliv-produced “Whole Wide World” features a smooth beat and a subtle but poignant high-pitched synth sound that pierces through the record. MIKE’s reflective and difficult lyrics. Every track on this album gives out a heavy, meditative feel, which is why it’s such a tremendous mood. “#Memories” features duendita and is probably the most poignant, ethereal and overpowering moment on the record. With a lot of layered synths sound completely overpowering, like a wave crashing into you. You can really feel his pain through his music, and how much his mother meant to him. This is what makes tears of joy is most personal, intimate and difficult release to date.

Listen to MIKE’s tears of joy below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support!

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