Music: Emmavie – Honeymoon

The incredibly talented London-based artist Emmavie has finally released her long-awaited and highly anticipated debut album titled Honeymoon. Let me tell you something about this release… it is absolutely stunning in every single way! I’m so happy to see her getting the respect and recognition from such legends but also a growing number of fans who (among me) view her as the future. She will become a legend, and this album is an example of her potential.

Forget the angelic singing for a second… THAT PRODUCTION! Yes, she produced all the records on this killer album, and listening to it each time, I’m able to pick up more textures and sounds. “Mine (Intro)” is some futuristic, synth-heavy music, with such incredible grooves. Then we get into one of the singles, “High off This,” with a funk-heavy track with angelic synths and keys that tickle the soul. The meandering grooves and rhythms, backed by incredible percussion and infectious drumming is the theme of “Deluxe (Interlude),” a stunningly beautiful track. “Stop the Tape” features a crazy Flying Lotus inspired beat, with an immensely passionate vocal performance from the incredibly gifted singer. “Distraction” featuring DT Soul raises the tempo a little with a heavy, dance-inspired track. “Vitamin C (Interlude),” “Can’t Get over You” and “Before the Night” contain some groovy, funky and ethereal soulful production that’s just immensely beautiful. “I Hope We Never Break Up” features another of my favourite singers Ego Ella May, who’s stunning, smooth-as-honey voice complements the tone of the track beautifully. “Cluck (Interlude)” and “Let You Down” are two more crazy, funky tracks, while “Burn This House” and “Confidence” are two more reflective, stunning and powerful. The latter track in particular might be my favourite, as the angelic, stunning opening 40 seconds or so give way to this crazy beat. Her vocals are perfect for the sound of the record, as she sings about self-love, love with others and confidence, and a fantastic introspective, almost spoke-word verse. The ending is beautiful, and I’m just in awe and totally flawed by this album. This might be the one for this year. It might just be. And the scary thing is, I think Emmavie has so much more in her to make even better music. This is what is so incredible about Honeymoon.

So there you have it. Emmavie’s Honeymoon is a near flawless record, one you can stream below via Bandcamp. I urge everyone to support this album, as she deserves all the recognition she can get. Thanks. Released via Fresh Selects.

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3 comments on “Music: Emmavie – Honeymoon

  1. I’m so thankful you posted this. If it wasn’t for this post, I would’ve never even heard of Emmavie. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Fantastic music by the one and only soul queen of our time. Love the album. Can’t wait for the next release. Love Emmavie

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