Muthaland is a menacing and eclectic body of work, with Bbymutha sounding as fierce and unapologetic as ever

Bbymutha is truly one of a kind. Throughout the years, the Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper has proven herself to be a capable emcee, usually backed by hard-hitting, trap-influenced production that is utterly captivating, having the ability to completely draw me into her music. With every single release, she gets better and better, so it goes without saying that I was psyched about the announcement of a new album. And here we all are, welcome to Muthaland! Her new double album is vast, featuring 25 tracks of some of the most futuristic and thrilling hip-hop I’ve heard in a while. Her vision for this album – the stories, the skits, the sequencing and the music itself really shows the extent of her talents.

From the hilarious, TV-show skit “Intro (Skit 1)” introducing Muthaland, the album delves deep into a dark, menacing and relentless sound that carries itself throughout. The bass on “Roaches Don’t Die” is incredible, as she flows effortlessly throughout the eerie beat about shit she’s going through in her own life. As a single mother of two, she makes motherhood and womanhood a central theme throughout her lyrics. “And i’m realer than the bitches in the back / And i’m tired of being humble / I’m taking my n****s with me/ You ain’t fuckin with me now” she proclaims throughout the opening track, with great effect. She makes a statement from that first track, and this continues without slowing down throughout the entire album. It’s ridiculous how consistent she is, and this is in part due to the cohesive and well sequenced this album is. Production throughout is handled by the likes of Rock Floyd (who contributes the most, beat-wise on this album), Paris Aden, Black Noi$e and Big Los among others. Tracks like “Bbymutha This, Bbymutha That” and “Holographic” are other incredible tracks, with colourful synths and quirky electronic effects throughout that add so much texture to the sound on this project. There’s a feel-good mood throughout, and it’s beautiful seeing a Black Woman celebrate herself like this. The crazy energy on “Heavy Metal” featuring Swerzie is another highlight for me. With crazy production again from Rock Floyd, Bbymutha confidently raps about receiving “quality pics of his bootyhole” and drug use throughout. The fact that she’s so free and transparent about sex throughout is inspiring and refreshing, and she finds unique and funny ways to reference these topics. on the chorus of “Spirit of Suzie” she states “Well, my name is Mutha and these n****s think I’m stupid / Thought his dick was good, my pussy platinum, made him lose it / I be with all the daddies, I be with all the thots / I might be in yo kitchen, bitch, I’m cookin’ with yo pot, yeah.” So yeah, she’s not afraid whatsoever to speak her peace, and that’s super inspiring. The features throughout also kill it. The fast-paced “Nice Guy” featuring Yung Baby Tate is phenomenal, while Na-Kel kills his contribution on “Either Way” is sublime. Zelooperz, Liv.e and Kindora are the others featured throughout the project, bringing such unique contributions. “Cocaine Catwalk” is an incredible track, with soulful synths throughout complementing the fast-paced, dance-centric beat. “Not For Caucasians” closes the incredible double album with a reflective, socially conscious track that sees Bbymutha talk her shit one last time and remind everyone that she’s a real one, and she’s proud of the person she’s become.

Bbymutha is such an incredible rapper. Her lyrics are witty, personable and entertaining, but also informative and incredibly powerful, something that, at least to me, cements her as one of the best and most exciting rappers today. Muthaland is a menacing and eclectic body of work, with dominant, heavy production and Bbymutha sounding as fierce and unapologetic as ever. This woman can do no wrong, and her new album is a testament to her talents as a musician.

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