Demae’s angelic presence throughout her debut Life Works Out… Usually is stunning, with an album that is cohesive, introspective, utterly soulful and mesmeric

As far as my favourite vocalists and artists go, London’s very own Demae pretty much tops the list. Having released music in the past as Bubblerap and as one third of Hawk House, her music has always been on my radar, and with each and every release, she continues going from strength to strength. Her voice is angelic and simply mesmeric, guided by incredibly lush and textured instrumentals that complement her tone and ethereal sound beautifully. Her personal and professional relationship with Eun, an incredibly gifted producer I highly recommend you check out (Darkness Must Be Beautiful), has helped shape her sound and musical identity further. All her angelic presence and incredibly nuanced and soulful production is translated on her debut album Life Works Out… Usually. It’s 8-tracks in length, and features production from Eun, 10.4 ROG, Jake Milliner and Wu-Lu, with additional contributions from Ego Ella May, Joe Armon-Jones, Fatima and Nala Sinephro.

The first thing to note is how incredible this project flows. The sequencing of each track is just perfect, flowing seamlessly throughout. “People Are Weird” produced by Eun is a gorgeous opener, with angelic keys and an incredible bassline that perfectly complements her incredible vocals throughout – a short but sweet opener that sets the tone for the album. “Basic Love”, produced by 10.4 ROG features a playful guitar-led instrumental that gives Demae the opportunity to sing beautifully throughout about love. The sweet and incredibly lavish instrumental complements her tone beautifully. The Jake Milliner produced “Help Me Live” is probably the best produced track, at least for me, with its incredible drums and infectious groove that carries the energy of the record. Demae’s hypnotic vocals are as incredible as usual, and despite this being a 48-second ‘interlude’, it’s still an incredible piece of music. The lead single “Stuck In a Daze” featuring Ego Ella May and produced by Eun is a phenomenal track, and both singers complement each other perfectly. “Ford” produced by Eun is track dedicated to and celebrating her first car, a purple Ford, and the memories that came with it. The spoken word piece is dope, and that groove is simply infectious. “Use It” produced by 10.4 ROG again is a stunning track, with a funky beat that sounds utterly captivating. Self love, black joy and life learnings are all themes throughout this track and the project, and just hearing her talk about these things with confidence is just super inspiring and I’m so happy for her! “Let Go” produced by Wu-Lu is another stellar moment on the album. Joe Armon-Jones’ keys and the guitar leads throughout are incredible especially near the end of the track, and the groove from the bass is fantastic too. The moody and atmospheric “Seasons Change” is just another enthralling and stunning moment on the album, with harp leads from Nina Sinephro and poignant keys from the legend Joe. It’s a reflective moment on the album, as she speaks on the importance of self-love and inner growth, reflecting on the past whilst actively thinking about the future. The gratitude she feels from being alive is felt through her soulful and powerful voice throughout this 8-track album, and it really is as good as I anticipated it to be.

Demae’s angelic presence throughout her debut project Life Works Out… Usually is stunning, with an album that is cohesive, introspective, utterly soulful and mesmeric. The production is exquisite (a massive shoutout to everyone involved), and her messages and self-reflections are relatable and wonderfully human. I really wish the best for her, and hope she continues to thrive musically as well. Also, massive appreciation to Touching Bass, who continue to just do everything they can to support the most amazing musicians, so it’s an honour to be a part of this growing music scene alongside them. Go support Demae’s music!

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