Weekly Roundup (31st August – 6th September)

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’re all safe and healthy still! What an amazing few weeks it has been for music, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with all the music, but we try. Introducing 10 of the best projects to drop this week and beyond. Let’s go!


Muthaland is a menacing and eclectic body of work, with Bbymutha sounding as fierce and unapologetic as ever

Bbymutha is such an incredible rapper. Her lyrics are witty, personable and entertaining, but also informative and incredibly powerful, something that, at least to me, cements her as one of the best and most exciting rappers today. Muthaland is a menacing and eclectic body of work, with dominant, heavy production and Bbymutha sounding as fierce and unapologetic as ever. This woman can do no wrong, and her new album is a testament to her talents as a musician. Read more

Demae’s angelic presence throughout her debut Life Works Out… Usually is stunning, with an album that is cohesive, introspective, utterly soulful and mesmeric

Demae’s angelic presence throughout her debut project Life Works Out… Usually is stunning, with an album that is cohesive, introspective, utterly soulful and mesmeric. The production is exquisite (a massive shoutout to everyone involved), and her messages and self-reflections are relatable and wonderfully human. I really wish the best for her, and hope she continues to thrive musically as well. Read more


DarkTwaine_ – L’enfants Sauvages

Ohbliv’s different musical personalities make him one of the most unique artists in recent years. His beat tapes as Ohbliv are sublime, with intricate productions that have stood the test of time. His more psychedelic and desolate sound is perfected as DarkTwaine_, an alias I’m not as familiar with, but equally as captivating as his beats. L’enfants Sauvages is his new project, a subdued, moody and eclectic body of work that features more guitar and synth heavy compositions. Tracks like “Right To Live” and “Erotic Melancholy” are more subdued tracks, while the percussion-heavy and tribal sounding “You Are The Secret” is experimental and pretty fantastic as well. This body of work is more of a muse for his most wild ideas, but composed brilliantly into a cohesive and fun album. Definitely something to check out!

Oliver Palfreyman – Opioid

London-based experimental producer Oliver Palfreyman has blessed us yet again with a brand new project, this time titled Opioid. Usually creating bass-heavy and wildly energetic beats, this project feels more ambient in sound, focusing on ethereal and moody synth leads and subtle beats throughout. Tracks like “If All Else Fails” and “Hydroponic Humidity” are examples of his desolate and ambient production, while “Flesh Tone”, by favourite track on the album, is absolutely incredible, with its airy, emotive production and electronic rhythms throughout. Definitely another one to check out and support!

FAUZIA – are you hoping for a miracle?

London-based production maestro FAUZIA has come through with a short but excellent new EP titled are you hoping for a miracle?. Since discovering and getting into her music only this year, I’ve fallen in love with her punchy, experimental take on electronic music, with glitchy melodies and lavish and textured soundscapes. “A Different Time” featuring George Riley is my favourite on the project, with a gorgeous beat and a vocal performance from George. FAUZIA’s ability to create incredible eclectic electronic rhythms is inspiring and the diverse sound of this project makes her one of the most unique artists working today.

H31R (JWords & maassai) – ve·loc·i·ty

New-York based duo H31R, comprised of the amazingly talented JWords and maassai, have released a stellar new project titled ve·loc·i·ty. Produced entirely by JWords, the album features some incredible verses from maassai, who continues, with each and every release, to exceed expectations. Her introspective and transparent lyricism about self love and success, as well as experiences with toxic behaviour. Tracks like “precious silence” and “breathe thru it” are soulful cuts, while “accountability” ft Nappy Nina and “big luv” are examples of more dynamic and dance-heavy tracks. JWords’ production throughout is stellar, and maassai continues to sharpen and improve her pen with every release. Definitely one to check out!


London-based Italian producer Chewbeats has finally released his highly anticipated beat tape project titled ISOLATION PACK. Knowing how serious he is about his craft, it’s no surprise to me that this project is an incredibly soulful, hard-hitting and groovy one. Inspired by the greats of the beat scene, he is able to channel his influences and create beats with a flair that is just incredible to hear. The soul sample on “THIRD MIND” is incredible, as he chops it up to perfection, and tracks like “JACO’S FANTASY” and “UTICA AVE” feature some incredible synths and groovy basslines. Overall, this is a colourful and incredibly produced project, and I’m proud of him for continuing to create great music!

Nelson Bandela – Nelson Bandela Deconstructs the Hits

New York based musician Nelson Bandela has released a new project titled Nelson Bandela Deconstructs the Hits. It’s all self produced and composed by himself, though the unique thing about this project is that he takes hip-hop and r&b classics and deconstructs them and reworks them in a unique way. “BROWN SUGAR” reworks the D’Angelo classic, with heavy synths and basslines that create a menacing tone to the track. “SOLDIER” deconstructs the Erykah Badu classic, with incredible piano keys and vocals that add colour and texture to the track. His experimental production has been something I have been a fan of for a while, and seeing him challenge musically like this is nothing short of inspiring.

V/A – HOA012

HAUS of ALTR is a lifestyle label out of New York that have for the past few years brought attention to some of the most talented electronic musicians working today. Their previous compilation albums, HOA010 and HOA011 were simply phenomenal, as they shed light on some of the most dynamic and eclectic electronic musicians in the world. HOA012 is no different. 25 tracks of some of the best electronic music I’ve heard these last few weeks, and it features a diverse cast of black musicians and contributors. As per usual, Ace Mo graces us with sound on “Malleable Space”, while the unique tones of AshTreJinkins’ “Before The Save Point” make for an exciting listen. UK-based talents such as FAUZIA and Lorraine James feature with incredible, drum-heavy compositions, while TAH’s “Mo’s Eat the Two” is a stellar, dynamic and fun track that closes this amazing compilation album brilliantly. One to support for sure!

AFTA-1 – Harvest & Mirror (Singles)

California-based producing legend AFTA-1 has released two new stellar singles titled “Harvest” and “Mirror”. The former track features wobbly synths and an incredible beat that complements the spacey production. “Mirror” similarly has a smooth, synth-heavy composition and live drumming that brings the track to life. Both tracks are sonically dense, with melodies and beats that are textured and intricately composed. AFTA-1 continues to release stellar music, and I can only imagine the stuff he’s been working on that’s yet to come. Go support!

Weekly Playlist

Demae – Stuck in a Daze ft Ego Ella May (Life Works Out… Usually)
Demae – Use It (Life Works Out… Usually)
Slauson Malone – Simile #7 (see page 127 and Ttrabul 2) ft Jai (Single)
George Riley – Move (Single)
Actress – Walking Flames ft Sampha (Single)
Steve Spacek – African Dream (Houses)
Thom Yorke – Runawayaway (ANIMA)
Radiohead – Bloom – Jamie xx Rework Part 3 (TKOL RMX 8)
BudaMunk & TSuggs – Center-Mental (Single)
Karriem Riggins – Bring That Beat Back (Alone Together)
Thundercat – Dragonball Durag Remix ft Smino & Guapdad 4000 (Single)
Shadeemus – Bittersweet (Single)

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