Weekly Roundup (24th August – 30th August)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all keeping healthy and well. Last week of August, and it has been a great one in terms of music! Playing catch up with a few of these releases, so without further ado, let’s get into this week’s roundup!


King’s Disease is Nas’ most cohesive and polished work in a very long time

I decided to give Nas’ 13th album King’s Disease a chance despite a few reservations, and from a purely sonic perspective, I was impressed by how cohesive the album was, which was helped by Hit-Boy tackling production duties throughout the 13 tracks on the album, helping Nas to stay focus and hungry throughout. It’s his most cohesive and polished work in a very long time, and despite some of the hypocrisies around supporting Black Women considering some of the allegations against him, it’s a reflective listen that is worth listening to. Read more

As Jyoti, Georgia Anne Muldrow creates moody, eclectic and dynamic body of work on Mama, You Can Bet! that proves why she’s one of the greatest ever

The love I have for Georgia Anne Muldrow’s music is endless. The LA-based musical polymath has created some of the most memorable, experimental and soulful albums since the mid- 2000s. She has landed again with an incredible new project as part of her one-woman jazz ensemble Jyoti. It’s titled Mama, You Can Bet! and features 15 of the grooviest, funkiest, eclectic and colourful tracks I’ve heard this year, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a moody, eclectic and dynamic body of work that proves exactly why she’s one of the best musicians of the last 15 years or so. Mama, You Can Bet! is just incredible and that’s all I want to say about that. Read more


Ho99o9 – Blurr (Mixtape)

New-Jersey -based group Ho99o9 have come through with a brand new mixtape titled Blurr. The heavy-metal and hip-hop inspired sound come through on this release, with guitar-heavy compositions on tracks like “Beneath The Earths Crust” and more subdued electronic moments on tracks like “Hardcore”. The variety in sound throughout this project is what makes it so intriguing, and I love the unapologetically punk aesthetic and mantra throughout. It’s definitely one to check out, and as someone who recently got into their music, it’s great knowing that there’s still so much more to discover!

Spencer Kenney – A Time For Everything

Dallas has one of the most vibrant and eclectic music scenes in the US, just wanted to put it out there. Talented musician Spencer Kenney has come through with an incredibly soulful and textured body of work. The guitar-led melodies on tracks like “Caught up in you” and “The Trial” are beautifully textured, with an ethereal and mesmeric sound that just resonates with me so much. The dynamic groove of “With You Sometimes” is another highlight for me as well, with an infectious melody and bassline that makes me want to dance. Overall a terrific project and one definitely worth checking out!

They Hate Change – 666 Central Ave.

Florida hip-hop duo They Hate Change have come through with a frantic and sublime new project titled 666 Central Ave. Their footwork-inspired production hits immediately on “Stunt Cams”, bringing incredible energy throughout, and continues throughout the entire project. The subtle soul sample on “Ozone” is crazy as well, and it complements the vast and visceral tempo of the project. It’s a crazy body of work that features incredible, introspective verses. It’s a quality EP and one I do recommend for those who enjoy footwork and experimental hip-hop.

OthaSoul – Return Of The Soul EP

Kentish Town duo OthaSoul, comprising of Louis VI and Dozer Carter, have come through with a brand new project titled Return Of The Soul EP after a little hiatus. And it’s well worth the wait because this EP is an excellent one! They sound more focused than ever, bringing introspective and socially conscious themes throughout. The soulful, hard-hitting production is mostly self-produced, sonically sounding incredibly soulful and potent throughout. It’s a vibe throughout and definitely a project worth supporting!

KUTMAH – A Tribute to Brother Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

Berlin-based beatmaking legend KUTMAH released a special 23 track project out dedicated to the life of Ras G, who sadly passed away last year in July. It’s a vast, sonically eclectic body of work that showcases exactly why he’s one of the best producers working today, and it also highlights Ras G’s influence on the music community around the world. Tracks like “Time For Luv Is Here and Now” and “The Most High” are some of my favourite tracks on this lengthy but fantastic project. It’s something to support, also because all proceeds go to Ras’ family.

Flat Stanley – Metamorphasis

LA-based producer Flat Stanley has come through with an incredible new project titled Metamorphasis. It features 8 tracks of visceral, lively and incredibly dense production that is hard-hitting and eclectic in its composition. Tracks like “METAMORPHASIS” and “BRAND NEW DARK” are relentless in their energy, bringing heavy synth-led compositions that are hard-hitting and beautifully textured, while the soulful, r&b sample on “THINKING OF YOU” is a beautiful, reflective moment on the album. It’s a well balanced, engaging body of work that deserves all the plays!

Reuben Vaun Smith – Warm Nights

Leeds-based producer Reuben Vaun Smith has come through with a fantastic new project titled Warm Nights. This is my first introduction to the talented musician, and I’m immediately drawn by the percussion-heavy compositions of his dance-centric rhythms. The melodic and somewhat subdued opener “Under The Thunder” sets the tone for the rest of the project, with thick synth leads and basslines that add to the percussive grooves throughout the entire project. Tracks like “Sunshine Flute” and “Open Chakras” are colourful and have a feel-good vibe to them, which make them perfect tracks for the summer. It’s definitely a project to support, and I hope Reuben continues to create because Warm Nights is pretty great!

Ikonika – Hollow EP

London-based producer Ikonika has released an excellent new EP titled Hollow. The electronic music producer mixes influences from grime, drill and dancehall to create a dynamic and engaging body of work that showcases her skills and talents as a producer. Tracks like “Kicks Count” and “A Void” feature thumping beats and synth-heavy grooves that bring a high-paced tempo to her compositions. Throughout the project, she combines visceral, thumping beats and melodic moments that are truly inspiring. A great, great project!

Weekly Playlist

Nas – King’s Disease (King’s Disease)
Nas – Full Circle ft The Firm (AZ, Foxy Brown & Cormega) (King’s Disease)
Nas – The Cure (King’s Disease)
Jyoti – Beemoanable Lady Geemix (Mama, You Can Bet!)
Jyoti – Ancestral Duckets (Mama, You Can Bet!)
Jyoti – The Cowrie Waltz (Mama, You Can Bet!)
Ho99o9 – Beneath The Earth’s Crust (Blurr (Mixtape))
They Hate Change – Stunt Cams (666 Central Ave.)
Ikonika – Blood Tinge (Hollow EP)
Flat Stanley – BRAND NEW DARK (Metamorphasis)
Demae – Use It (Single)
Lord Apex & V Don – Belize ft CJ Fly (Single)
OthaSoul – Balls the Q (Return Of The Soul EP)
Spencer Kenney – The Trial (A Time For Everything)
Reuben Vaun Smith – Open Chakras (Warm Nights)

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