Weekly Roundup (6th July – 12th July)

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! Hope you’re all still keeping healthy and safe! It’s been a decent week for music, especially things that were released this Friday, so without further ado let’s get into it.


Barnacles is an atmospheric, dreamy and ethereal album with wit and introspection that showcases SahBabii’s eclecticism as an artist

SahBabii may be the future of hip-hop. The Atlanta based rapper has been making ethereal, dreamy music for a while now, but I’ve got the feeling his latest project Barnacles is his most complete one to date. Sonically, Barnacles sounds dreamy, atmospheric and ethereal, bringing a colourful dynamism to the trap-influenced sound that has been dominating the genre for the last few years. It is an atmospheric, dreamy and ethereal album with wit and introspection that showcases SahBabii’s eclecticism as an artist.So definitely check this one out! Read more


AKAI SOLO – Eleventh Wind

For the last few years, Brooklyn-based artist AKAI SOLO has been releasing some of the most experimental, detailed and lyrically sharp hip-hop music. From the incredible MAD SPACE with iblss to his Pink Siifu collaboration project Black Sand, he has established himself as one of the most exciting voices coming out of New York, and this new 8-track release titled Eleventh Wind is no different. Produced by the likes of argov, Wavy Bagels, Bori & dj blackpower, $hayButtah, Twenty Fifth Night, edan and Roper Williams, this project is a soulful, sonically eclectic release with themes of self as well as political and social issues. The way he is able to construct his verses is mesmeric, and his disjointed flow sounds impeccable over these lavish and textured beats. He has exceeded expectations yet again, and I hope he continues this streak of fantastic releases.


KONCEPT JACK$ON has been low-key one of my favourite rappers, ever since the incredible collaborative album with him, Fly Anakin and Tuamie, Panama Plus. It’s his tone and incredible flow that has made me enamored with his music, and his new album THOT RAP: CHAPTER 2 helps further establish him as one of the greats of this generation. It’s an expansive album of 17 tracks that explores introspective themes, as well as bringing incredible flows and a demeanor that is just infectious. Tracks like “BeenOfficial” produced by JWords and “AllPraisetodaHighestN,” produced by Olasegun are examples of the more hard-hitting, ruthless energy that I’ve come to love from the Richmond, Virginia rapper, while more soulful and emotive moments can be heard on the phenomenal “Shorties That Feed You” produced by Jay Versace and “Free All Brothers Locked” produced and featuring Navy Blue. It’s a sonically diverse and eclectic release that showcases KONCEPT JACK$ON’s incredible talent as an emcee. Definitely recommend this one!

Jadasea & redLee – Not Afraid To Fall

Two of London’s finest hip-hop talents Jadasea and redLee join forces from a short but sweet collaborative project titled Not Afraid To Fall. Both artists have had a great few years, releasing some fantastic projects and collaborating with the ever-growing independent hip-hop scene in the US. This project is soulful, lavish and textured in terms of production, and Jadasea’s reflective and slow-paced raps are incredibly captivating and poignant. Tracks like “Anyway..” and “Gone Missing” are phenomenal in their tone and overall sound, bringing introspection and soul to an otherwise dynamic and reflective tape. The next few years for both artists will be big, and I’m excited to be on that journey of growth with them as a fan. Go support!

Mansur Brown – Tesuto

South-London based guitar genius Mansur Brown has released a new, short 3-track EP titled Tesuto that sounds absolutely phenomenal. It was on his 2018 album Shiroi that made me properly fall in love with his sound, and he has done nothing but exceed and excel at his craft from there on. His guitar playing sounds emotional, soulful and utterly spellbinding. The groove and the beat on tracks like “It’s My Time” and “Serene” are utterly mesmeric, capturing a ethereal, almost Oriental aesthetic that hits hard and sounds so gorgeous. “Jamilla” sounds like a cosmic journey into outer-space, with synth leads and an atmospheric sounds that are just stunning throughout. A great, great release indeed!

standing of the corner – G​-​E​-​T​-​O​-​U​-​T​!​! The Ghetto

New York based experimental group standing on the corner have come through with a 4-track single release titled G​-​E​-​T​-​O​-​U​-​T​!​! The Ghetto. Always dynamic, always wildly fun and experimental, the art ensemble have released records that sound punchy, loud and musically dense. The intensity they are able to bring with their drumming on tracks like “G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.I” and “Ghetto Dub” are infectious in their tone and energy, with thick and heavy basslines and drums that capture a lot of grit and grooves throughout. “G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.II” is similarly loud and The eclectic “Zolo Go” is emotive and reflective, perfectly capturing the soul and aura of the group. I’m super excited for their new album!

Foisey. – EA10+

Connecticut producer Foisey. has come through with a brand new tape titled EA10+. He keeps continuing his streak of creating incredibly soulful and lavish reworks and remixes of R&B and hip-hop tracks. The way he chops and samples some of the tunes off this project is incredible, with highlights including “AnotherPromise” and “CntGoW/outYou.” The whole 21-track project is full of slaps, with soulful and funky moments that capture his raw aesthetic perfectly. I definitely recommend you check this one out, and continue supporting his growth as an artist!

blnkspc_ – Queens

blnkspc_ is a collaborative effort between two super talented producers, B-Side and Tesk. Their new project Queens is an emotive and wonderfully produced project with intricate and textured beats that sound emotive and colourful. From the synth leads and grooves to the thumping beats throughout the 10 tracks, both artists are able to capture an aesthetic and sound that sounds rich and polished. From the dynamic “Harvest Moon” to the stunningly beautiful “Down Wind,” the project is full of incredibly poignant and emotive moments that create a soothing and engaging soundscape. It’s a terrific project and definitely one to support, and I look forward to hearing what they have coming in the future, both together and as separate artists.

 Asher Gamedze – Dialectic Soul

Cape Town based drummer Asher Gamedze has released his highly anticipated new album titled Dialectic Soul. It’s an incredibly dense and engaging jazz record that features Thembinkosi Mavimbela on bass, Buddy Wells on tenor sax, Robin Fassie-Kock on trumpet and Nono Nkoane on vox. From the immense 18-minute stunner “state of emergence suite” to the frantic groove of “the speculative fourth”, this project is lively and raw in aesthetic, as each and every member contributes to the dynamic and infectious groove of the album. It’s a truly immersive experience that requires multiple listens to truly appreciate. The levels to the drumming throughout are impressive, and the musicianship between everyone creates a cohesive, wonderfully produced body of work. Definitely something to support!

Shumba Maasai – Flavour (Single)

Shumba Maasai is the future of this London-based hip-hop sound. Having released incredible music for the past few years, he is back stronger than ever with a brand new single titled “Flavour” produced by Mathematics. The beat is crazy, with a thumping bass-heavy rhythm that sounds futuristic and infectious. Shumba’s tone and delivery is exceptional, especially on that incredible last verse. He lifts off, creating an other-worldly sound inspired by his Zimbabwean roots. It’s a phenomenal track that proves why he’s one of the most exciting artists working today.

Weekly Playlist

SahBabii – Giraffes & Elephants (Barnacles)
SahBabii – Trapezoid (Barnacles)
Sahbabii – Tongue Demon (Barnacles)
Ghetts – Mozambique ft Jaekae & Moonchild Sanelly (Single)
Shumba Maasai – Flavour (Single)
AKAI SOLO – Still Sailing (Eleventh Wind)
Liv.e – I Been Livin (Single)
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire & Madlib – Black Mirror (Single)
Westside Gunn – Jose Canseco ft Stove God Cooks (Flygod Is An Awesome God 2)
Blu & Exile – The Feeling ft Jacinto Rhines (Single)
Mansur Brown – It’s My Time (Tesuto)
Rene Schier – Apartment 28 (Single)
blnkspc_ – Down Wind (Queens)
standing on the corner – G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.I (G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto)

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