Music: AKAI SOLO & Pink Siifu – Black Sand

Brooklyn-based emcee AKAI SOLO comes through with a brand new album titled Black Sand. It is entirely produced by talented artist Pink Siifu aka iiye. The talented poet is raw and honest on this project, and is backed by a soulful and experimental soundscape that keep this project and engaging and captivating one.

Over the 15 tracks, AKAI SOLO is able to flex his lyrical abilities. On tracks like “Black Everything” and “24Duty” his introspective raps are insightful and important, while Pink Siifu appears throughout with his impeccable flow and wordplay, such as on “GalaxyEyes” and “Luna’s Sol” among other tracks throughout the project. Features Maassai (on “Ntro”), Nelson Bandela (“Intrlude)”, KingCarterSlums (“Labor Day”) and Adam Intrator (“Intrlude 2”) provide their own unique personalities through vocal and instrumental contributions. Tracks like “2k4eva” are soulful gems, while “Hussle’s Ghost” touches on the late great Nipsey Hussle through a personal and vivid track touching on the rapper’s death and other things. I’m reluctant to dissect lyrics just yet, because it’s clear through this project and other stuff I’ve heard AKAI SOLO on, the dude can spit and to an impeccably high level, so there’s a lot to digest. All I can say now is that with gorgeously produced beats and personal and introspective lyricism, this release is one I will be listening to for a while. Big ups AKAI SOLO, Pink Siifu and everyone else involved. Great album.

Listen to AKAI SOLO and Pink Siifu’s collaborative new album Black Sand below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via Field-Left.

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