AKAI SOLO – Body Feeling

Brooklyn emcee AKAI SOLO has been consistently releasing exceptional music over the past few years. 2019’s MAD SPACE with iblss and Black Sand with Pink Siifu are highlights for me over his pretty prolific career, and with this new release, Body Feeling, he turns a new chapter, having signed to Backwoodz Studioz, with an official album coming by the end of the year. Body Feeling is a bit of a warm-up project, leading to the release of his album, but don’t underestimate it because it is an exceptional little body of work that showcases AKAI SOLO’s growth as an artist. Utilising eclectic production from the likes of Twentyfifthnight, Nicholas Craven, Child Actor, Argov and Preservation, he’s able to paint vivid pictures of life around him, with a dystopian narrative that is often political and socially conscious.

The project is stellar from top to bottom. The slow reverbed opener “Body Feeling (Intro)” sets the tone, with AKAI SOLO kicking off with “body feeling out of sorts, kinda outside, sorta outrageous”, which is a good description of the overall sound and eclectic wordplay and lyricism from the talented emcee, who is able to flow effortlessly over it, with true ease that few artists can rap at, at least to his level. The balance between heady and loud production from Child Actor on “Sun 2 Moon” to the stripped back, orchestral and delicate Preservation-produced “Marine Snow”, which is easily my favourite track on the album, is just perfect. It allows AKAI SOLO to experiment with different beat arrangements and grooves, and the fact that he’s able to find his pocket on such eclectic instrumentals is a testament to his talent.

With a lot more to digest and analyse with the lyrics on this one, I’ll leave it here so I can absorb them further. Listen to AKAI SOLO’s new project Body Feeling below via Backwoodz Studioz.

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