The Spoon is a career-defining moment for Oscar Jerome

Oscar Jerome’s music over the years, at least to me, has represented a warmth and relatability to his poetry that few artists are able to convey through music. The incredibly dense and groovy melodies on his debut album Breathe Deep was a highlight for me when it came out. The delicate instrumentation, led by his incredible guitar playing and voice (the centrepieces of his art), make for an engaging, rhythmic and dynamic listen, with eclectic and diverse melodies that capture the pure soul of his are.

Fast forward two years and he’s released his second studio album, The Spoon, which is an even bigger work of art, mirroring his views with himself and those he’d rather not represent. His conflicted state of mind is what makes this a fascinating piece, as with its title track, one of the standouts. His vulnerabilities are laying bare on soundscapes that are full of soul, passion, love and delicacy, as he tries to grow in real time as a human being, coming to terms with the reality of his own state of mind, as he sees it, of course. The almost bossa nova groove of “Channel You Anger” is exquisite, as Oscar’s infectious melodies are just incredibly captivating, as he carries the gentle tone of the track, with the incredibly groovy basslines, and the crazy flutes and percussion that give this such an infectious track. “Feet Down South” is also a standout, talking about the effects of anxiety on his mental health and creative process, but despite all this, he comes through with an inspiring track. The guitar leads intertwine beautifully with the percussion and basslines, making it a funky, groovy masterpiece. “Feed the Pigs” os a grower, with a menacing tenor saxophone lead. Now listening to it a second time (and counting), it’s fantastic. “Hall of Mirrors” with Léa Sen is gorgeous, as her voice complements Oscar Jerome’s moody, melodic voice. The infectious groove led by the drums and the subtle bassline, with the guitar lead sounding gentle over them. The closer “Use It” is a wonderful, beautiful track, with infectious guitar leads and Oscar Jerome’s soothing voice. It’s such a fitting way to close a phenomenal album.

Oscar Jerome has truly upped his game on this album, one of the sweetest, melodic, rhythmic and groovy albums of the year so far. It’s great to see how far he’s come musically, and this incredible new album shows how much more potential he has. The Spoon is an extraordinary body of work, with rhythms that will keep you grooving and lyrics that are relatable. Go support Oscar Jerome’s excellent The Spoon!

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