Open letter to Pink Siifu and Real Bad Man, for their exceptional new album REAL BAD FLIGHTS

At this point, I might write to the man himself.

Hey Pink Siifu,

I hope you and the family are blessed. Your new album, REAL BAD FLIGHTS may be my favourite of yours to date. I don’t know if it’s just my preference in style of beats or your rapping, which has improved an awful lot, by the way, over the last few years… well, since I discovered you back in 2013 (shoutout Ommetis for putting me on). Anyways, as I was going through the album on Apple Music, I found finding myself adding each and every song to my loved playlist. And don’t worry, buying the bootleg off Bandcamp tonight. It’s truly flawless from front to back.

“Looking for Water” featuring Boldy James is fucking incredible. The dark, gritty and raw beat from Real Bad Man (who I know from his work with Boldy), gives this groovy soundscape for you and Boldy to just kill it. But listen, “Tokyo Blunts” featuring Armand Hammer and Conquest Tony Phillips is probably the greatest track you’ve ever made. The beat is crazy, that flute sample, or whatever else it is is oddly hypnotic, and you had a standout verse among three exceptional emcees. I’m not sure when you first started collaborating with billy woods and ELUCID, but when I found out you were mutual fans and collaborators, I was like wow, it’s crazy how far you’ve come. And you know, they are elite emcees, each dropping exceptional albums of their own (Aethiopes and I Told Bessie), but you held your own and even better, was the standout to me on that track. The rest of the album is flawless. “View of France” featuring Ahwlee has an infectious beat, and you two floated on it perfectly. “Po Drama” with lojii is unreal too, the beat is so hard-hitting. Will take some more time digesting the lyrics, this will be on repeat for the next years I imagine, so I will have time, but you truly exceeded all expectations and more with this one, and just as a fan who’s known you for ages, I’m proud to see you blossom.

Oh, and Real Bad Man,

Great fucking job, man. It’s flawless production, front-to-back. The crisp, raw, soulful and hard-hitting sound is perfect for Pink Siifu, and it’s really bringing it back to his roots making music. It’s so inspiring to see you both shine on an album that is pretty much perfect. No skips, all 9/10s or 10/10s and just all around incredible.

So thanks for your contributions, and all the best doing this shit in the future.


You can buy and listen to Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man’s REAL BAD FLIGHTS below via Bandcamp.

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