Top 25 Albums & EP’s of the Year: 2020

Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Innocent Country 2

It is the fourth time in a row Quelle Chris has landed on my favourite albums list. That should speak volumes about his output as an artist and his ability to always innovate himself and his art. This year, he’s joined forces with talented producer Chris Keys for an incredible collaborative album titled Innocent Country 2. It’s a follow up to their 2015 classic, and both artists exceeded all expectations with a project that is introspective, soulful and incredibly textured and varied. Chris Keys’ production has never sounded crispier and layered, while Quelle Chris’ animated lyricism just gets even better with each and every release. The features add depth and unique personalities to the project, making it a truly outstanding listen. Read more

BbyMutha – Muthaland

BbyMutha has had quite an incredible year. The Chattanooga, Tennessee emcee released her debut and possibly last album with Muthaland, but what an amazing project it is. With hard-hitting, eclectic production and a confident and assuring presence on the mic, the talented artist is able to deliver a project full of personality and character. 25 hard-hitting tracks that on each occasion perfectly capture her animated style, with lyrics touching on themes of motherhood and womanhood among other things. It’s her power and confidence as a black woman that makes this such an incredibly potent and inspiring listen, and I hope she continues to excel and create more memorable music in the years to come. Read more

Navy Blue – Àdá Irin

Navy Blue’s music has always been spiritual and expressed from a space of empowerment and optimism. His 2020 album Àdá Irin is utterly mesmeric in its execution, with crisp, atmospheric and soulful production that add to his introspective and philosophical lyricism. Every time I listen to his music, I’m enamored by the way he’s able to articulate his thoughts, with intelligently crafted wordplay that rivals some of the very best poets. “In Good Hands” featuring Ka is one of the highlights not only on this project but this entire year. He created some of the most memorable and spiritual tracks, and it excites me that I’ve got even more new music to discover from him this year and next. Read more

Oscar Jerome – Breathe Deep

South London guitarist and overall super talented artist Oscar Jerome came through with an absolute gem this year. His new album Breathe Deep is such an intricate and textured release, that every time I listen to it I hear more of the intricacies of the project itself. His vocal performance is stunning as per usual, and as a songwriter and storyteller, he’s one of the most talented to come out of London. The soul, guitar-led melodies and rhythms throughout this 11 track album is just so stellar throughout and brings the best out of his incredible artistry. A terrific album indeed. Read more

Moses Boyd – Dark Matter

When we talk about drummers, Moses Boyd’s name needs to be mentioned. The South London-based musician has finally released his highly anticipated and truly mesmeric new debut album titled Dark Matter, bridging the gap perfectly between jazz and electronic music. Heavy broken-beak rhythms like on “2 Far Gone” featuring the excellent Joe Armon-Jones remains one of my favourites of the year. His exemplary and incredible drumming throughout has led to some of the grooviest and most memorable moments on record this year, and his ability to craft intricate rhythms throughout the 10-track album makes it one to remember. The most exciting thing is that this man is still at the start of his journey, so I’m excited to hear what else he’s got planned in the next few years. Read more

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