15 Honourable Mentions of the Year: 2020

2020 was been the wildest year I’ve experienced, and I’m sure quite a few people would say the same. As far as music output goes however, it has been exceptional. There have been so many amazing and inspiring releases this year that have helped me keep sane and positive. Too much quality in fact, that as per usual there are a handful of releases that I absolutely love that just missed out on the Top 25 Albums list (Check them here) . And to be honest, all these releases deserve to be among the best music to come out this year, but the main criteria I’m using for this list is how often I return to them and the extent of their impact on me. The list is unranked as per usual, this ain’t a competition, and each and every project deserves equal love and recognition. So without further ado, let’s get into it, and happy listening!

R-Kay – Ivory

This album personifies exactly why I fell in love with the independent UK hip-hop and jazz scene all these years ago. Since discovering R-Kay’s music back in 2018 and the whole community that I feel blessed to be a part of, I’ve been enamored by his prowess as a producer. Ivory is the embodiment of all that, a monumental achievement, perfectly capturing the aura and soul of his music and those who collaborated on the project. If you’re looking for soulful and potent soul music, this project embodies that perfectly. Thanks for this bro, it’ll be a project I’ll continue to cherish for quite some time. Read more

KinKai – A Pennies Worth

Manchester’s finest KinKai came through with such a beautiful hip-hop project this year. A Pennies Worth showcases his abilities as an emcee while flowing and rhyming on some of the most hard-hitting boom-bap production this year. I’ll never forget the face I made when I heard the beat on “Wimmy”, that shit was so cold I was like “nah, reload it”. Having discovered his talents this year, this album was such a pleasant surprise, and I come back to it often. A fantastic release that deserves all the recognition, KinKai is a talent to look out for, for years to come. Read more

Goya Gumbani & Oliver Palfreyman – Truth Be Sold

Those who know me and have followed the website are well aware of the love and respect I have for both these musicians. Goya Gumbani’s incredible lyricism and soulful delivery has shone through on each and every release. Oliver Palfreyman, I will proclaim, is one of the best producers in the world right now. So both of them collaborating on a tape was something I was really looking forward to. Truth Be Sold is an exceptional EP – it’s focused and eclectic in sound while providing that same level of soul and ethereal beauty I’ve come to love from both musicians. A great body of work indeed! Read more

The Loosies Project – Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

COVID-19 hit the creative scene pretty hard this year. No live shows, no proper interaction with fans, no events at all. It was all a bit dire. Then, in April, the independent UK-based community of talented emcees, singers and producers came together for a compilation album that was a cultural moment of significance this year. Everyone from Lex Amor, Scott Xylo, R-Kay, TINYMAN, Intalekt and DIPS (among many others) were a part of this incredible project that brought the community together in a unique and inspiring way. I still return to quite a few of these tracks, and for the cultural impact alone these two compilation tapes deserve the all the love and recognition this year. Read more / Read more


Scott Xylo is a true visionary. His music has always been full of psychedelic wonder, and this year he furthered his creativity as SHADEEMUS along with talented musicians Demi Gosh (Vocals) and Adam Martin (Guitar). Their breakthrough EP Arakis captures that wonder and mysticism I’ve come to love from Scott and the other members. They’re really able to push their creativity forward with incredible compositions that sound mature and beautifully composed. It’s definitely one of the better psychedelic rock projects of the year, and one I’ve enjoyed more and more with every listen. Read more

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