Weekly Roundup (27th April – 3rd May)

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’re all still keeping safe and healthy! It’s been a pretty good week of music, so I’m excited to dive into some of them, so without further ado, here we go!


Reflecting on Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, 25 years on

It’s weird how I’ve rarely seen this album mentioned among the greatest albums of all time. It’s constantly overlooked despite how legendary it actually is, and it established both Prodigy and Havoc one of the greatest to ever do it. The Infamous is a full cinematic audio experience, a heavy, harsh and menacing East Coast album, perfectly capturing the unsettling, pulsating energy of New York City with personality and style. Listening to it 25 years later, it hasn’t lost its charm and effect on me. It’s still as poignant as it was when I still listened to it. It’s one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Read more

The Loosies Project – Loosies Vol. 2

The Loosies Project is back with Loosies Vol. 2, their second compilation album. It features the following amazing artists: Joey Mexxx, Caleb Femi, Josette Joseph, GeeFree, DIPS & Lo-Wu, Tinyman, Ayeisha Raquel, Eklipse, Ella Frank, Intalekt, Richie Saps, Dani Sofiya, Xolomon, Dualeh Oke, K The Infinite, Udo and Shumba Maasai among others. I’ve been a fan of pretty much everyone for a few years now, and it’s inspiring seeing them continue to strive and grow as artists. Ethereal tracks like Joey Mexxx’s “Guide My Way” and Ella Frank & Intalekt’s “SPACE” are complimented by more dynamic, hard-hitting tracks such as Caleb Femi & Josette Joseph’s “BLK AF1 SEASON.” Every track has its own personality and brings a different type of energy and that shows the eclecticism of what we like to call the London music scene. The soul and funk on some of these tracks are fantastic, such as on Dips & Lo-Wu’s incredible “FREE” featuring Tinyman, Eklipse, K The Infinite and Ayeisha Raquel or K The Infinite’s “Tales of a Lost Man” with Udo. Production throughout is handled by the likes of R-Kay, Intalekt, Lo-Wu and Seb Chedick, who’s dreamy and soulful production on Xolomon’s “Inside (Doomsday)” is actually my favourite. Overall, a stellar release and a lot more to look forward to from all these talented individuals, as a collective. Community over everything I say, and this collaborative project is testament to the power of that.

KinKai – A Pennies Worth

Manchester-bred musician KinKai has released his highly anticipated new album A Pennies Worth. It’s a vast, soulful and introspective album that captures his personality and soul beautifully. The smooth, funky and jazzy soundscape is complemented by KinKai’s brilliant, intricate and clever rapping throughout the 9 tracks on this album. Tracks like “Cherry B” and “Pensieve” are reflective, and the beat and groove of “Wimmy” is just so infectious. Manchester-based artists Children of Zeus, [K S R] and Akemi Fox all feature throughout this album, all bringing pure soul and energy to the music, while Saffron Grace’s mesmeric vocals on “Plantain & Champagne” complement KinKai’s introspective raps potently. The production is absolutely incredible, with incredible guitar leads, synths and basslines throughout that sound gorgeous and hypnotic, while KinKai’s poetry throughout is captivating and relatable. It’s an amazing album that will have a lot of replay value and as a result has the potential to be one of my favourites of this year. Definitely recommend it!

Eun & Demae – We Are Here In This Moment & This Is What We Made

London-based musicians Eun and Demae have released a new collaborative project titled We Are Here In This Moment & This Is What We Made. They are both incredibly talented musicians who have released some gorgeous, soulful and experimental music in the past, so it goes without question that I’m always excited to hear new music from both of them. Demae’s voice is utterly angelic, and she never fails to create a stunning aura in her music. Eun’s diversity as a producer means that the sonic landscape he creates can range from funky, boom-bap to ethereal. This is what makes this project such a joy to listen to. The meditative groove and angelic quality both musicians are able to create makes it a soothing body of work. Hope you guys continue to thrive and grow, it’s inspiring!

Tha God Fahim – After Every Dark Day Comes Sunshine

Tha God Fahim is one of the most prolific and consistent rappers of the last five years or so. It seems like he drops a new project every month, but all his projects bring a soulful yet gritty sound, with introspective raps that are usually reflecting and revealing. His new project After Every Dark Day Comes Sunshine is no different, as he brings a consistently soulful and ethereal soundscape throughout. It actually sounds a lot different to a lot of the music he has released so far, at least the stuff I’ve listened to. The soft, guitar-led instrumental on “They Laugh When You Fall” is gorgeous, while “A Chance & a Choice” is also a slow, melodic track with a personal verse about second chances and working to make himself a better man. It’s an inspiring project that captures a lot of the same aura and and potency as his other releases, so it’s definitely one to check out.

SadhuGold – Golden Joe Season One

Philadelphia-based producer SadhuGold has released a new beat tape titled Golden Joe Season One. His murky yet soulful sound I’ve come to love over the years is sprinkled all throughout this tape, with funky and hard-hitting beats. Tracks like “Golden Joe (Sabu)” and “Saturday Morning Tesseract” are examples of this, with a soulful and melodic sound that sounds raw and unfiltered. It’s definitely a project to listen to and support!

Yung Akó – MASARAP

California-based producer Yung Akó has released a brand new project titled MASARAP. It features a soulful and funky sound that is complemented by contributions from Pink Siifu, Denmark Vessey, Jeremiah Jae, Blu and Quelle Chris. They all bring their signature sounds and personalities, while rapping on soulful, guitar and synth-led beats. Denmark Vessey’s punchy delivery on the gorgeous and ethereal “Time Lapse” and Quelle Chris’ low-key delivery on the moody and meditative “Bury” are among my favourites on this project, though every track is incredible. I hope Yung Akó continues to strive musically for many years to come. Definitely recommended!

eu-IV – four

Baltimore, Maryland producer eu-IV has released a brand new project titled four. I’ve been a fan of his soulful, boom-bap production for quite a few years now, and he has brought a level of consistency I’ve come to respect greatly. The beats throughout the 6 track project hit hard and are complemented by soulful and angelic guitar and synth leads on tracks like “survive” and “thatsthat,” as well as a grittier sound on tracks like “brownies” and “bewrongg.” “likeitis” features rappers lingotheicon & losvito, who bring intricate and punchy verses. It’s a fantastic new project from one of the best and most consistent producers working today, so it’s definitely a project to support!

Nelson Bandela – GET UP!!

Prolific New York producer Nelson Bandela has released a groovy, house-inspired 6-track project titled GET UP!!. The funky and infectious groove on “Howard36” is incredible, while tracks like “NonAwareness” and “Updawn11” have this hard-hitting, menacing groove to them. The basslines and beats throughout this 6-track EP are incredibly groovy, with trance-like qualities that are perfect for the dancefloor. He is such a diverse, eclectic and underrated producer, and I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Go support!


Legendary Chicago-based footwork musician DJ Taye has released an excellent new electronic album titled PYROT3K. Helping to pioneer the Chicago footwork sound over the last decade or so, his music has always been punchy, dynamic and menacing in sound. This new album is no different, with beats and synth-led melodies that sound eclectic yet catchy. Tracks like “Never Coming Down” and “Green & Lean” feature colourful and catchy synth leads that are soulful and complement the hard-hitting beats throughout. The dynamic and hard-hitting grooves throughout are phenomenal such as on “MF” featuring DJ Jalen and the insane “Parade Float” featuring L-Vis 1990. DJ Taye’s ability to combine soulful and melodic synths with hard-hitting, menacing beats is what makes his music so captivating. As a producer he is outstanding, and I cannot wait to see what he works on next. Excellent project!

Wigflippa – Confidence of Movement

Missouri-based hip-hop artist Wigflippa has released a brand new album titled Confidence of Movement. I’ve been a fan of his soulful, boom-bap sound since discovering his music this year, and this new project has exceeded my expectations yet again. As a rapper, his introspective, personal lyricism is backed by an emphatic, confident delivery. In terms of production, the heavy drums are combined with chopped synths and piano melodies that bring a hard-hitting, emphatic sound that perfectly complements the level of energy he brings on the mic. It’s a great body of work and I’m sure that Wigflippa will continue to strive as a musician throughout 2020 and beyond.

JWords – Year 2300

New Jersey producer JWords has released a brief 3-track EP titled Year 2300. I’ve been a fan of her intricate and eclectic electronic production that ranges from smooth and soulful to more punchy and dynamic. This project continues that streak of incredible futuristic production, with a moody and menacing sound that is only enhanced by the addition of Nappy Nina and Koncept Jack$on. Their qualities as rappers are perfect for this tape, as both of them bring their unique flows and personalities that complement the incredible production on this tape. She even raps herself on “can’t tell me SHIT” and I think she does a decent enough job with it! JWords has released another gem, and I hope she continues to push herself creatively because she’s got so much untapped potential. Only exciting times lie ahead!

Weekly Playlist

KinKai – Wimmy (A Pennies Worth)
Elcamino – Tears in a Bucket (The Minotaur)
Lance Skiiiwalker – In the World ft Nick Hakim (Single)
Pink Siifu – Nation Tyme. (NEGRO)
Adé Hakim – Stink Face (Single)
Tha God Fahim – The Fallen (After Every Dark Day Comes Sunshine)
Mobb Deep – Cradle to the Grave (The Infamous)
Wigflippa – Complicated (Confidence of Movement)
Wilma Archer – Last Sniff ft MF DOOM (A Western Circular)
Wun Two – Interloop ft Jazzbois (Single)
Khruangbin – Time (You and I) (Single)
Jung Mergs – Revenge (Single)
Drake – Deep Pockets (Dark Lane Demo Tapes)
Meghan Thee Stalion – Savage Remix ft Beyonce (Single)
Pink Siifu – Black Be Tha God, NEGRO. (wisdom.cipher) (NEGRO)

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