15 Honourable Mentions of the Year: 2020

Westside Gunn – Pray For Paris

It’s no surprise that Griselda dominated rap this year. All members came through with projects this year, and one of my favourites to come out in 2020 was Westside Gunn’s major label debut Pray For Paris. Sonically, it’s the most diverse of his albums, which is what made me gravitate to it so much. His presence and personality throughout the album makes it a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and there are quite a few tracks I keep on rotation as well. 2021 is gearing up to be an even bigger year for the group, and Westside Gunn’s genius was examplified all over this album. Read more

Pink Siifu – NEGRO

This year made me realise how incredible Pink Siifu really is. After the iconic and classic Ensley he released back in 2018, I was psyched to listen to his new solo effort this year and well… I was not expecting this. NEGRO is basically a punk album, and it’s the best punk album I’ve heard in quite a long time. It’s a bold, unapologetically Black project, with a sense of urgency that I can’t fault at all. It really should be in my top 25 albums list, but I didn’t quite return to it as much as other albums this year, but that should not take away from the genius of this man’s music and his beautiful artistic expression. It’s a timeless classic, and I’m sure that over time, I’ll have this one on constant rotation. Read more

demahjiae – And, Such Is Life.

Oakland-based artist demahjiae delivered one of the more unique projects this year with the excellent And, Such Is Life.. With eclectic production and excellent rapping throughout, the talented musician has really been able to channel some next level shit with music that sounds soulful, potent and personal. He brings heaps of emotion through his relatable and dope lyricism. The sequencing of this project is excellent as well, making for an engaging listen, and one I have returned to quite a bit this year. A stellar body of work that gives us a glimpse into what he’s capable of. Exciting times lie ahead, and I can’t wait to see his growth within the next few years. Read more

Jyoti (Georgia Anne Muldrow) – Mama, You Can Bet!

Georgia Anne Muldrow has been one of my favourite musicians for quite some time now. Her hypnotic vocals and incredible production has led to some legendary releases of the last decade or so. As Jyoti, she channels some spiritual jazz energy that translates beautifully on Mama, You Can Bet! It’s a stellar body of work with this tribal, raw energy that is complemented by gorgeous, ethereal vocals throughout, perfectly capturing the aura and beauty of her music. It’s an impressive body of work that shows the extent of her talents as a producer, and this is a timeless body of work that is worthy of all the praise and recognition it can get. Read more

10.4 ROG – treblemaker

As far as beat tapes go, this one is the crème de la crème. 10.4 ROG has had quite a fantastic year. He’s been busy producing gem after gem, and his solo beat tape treblemaker acts as a celebration of all his talents. It’s a funky, wonky, interstellar piece of music that feels heavy in terms of its grooves and rhythms, and utterly soulful. It’s a fantastic body of work that again, showcases the extent of his talents perfectly on a 7-track project that is cohesive and memorable. I’m sure that 2021 will bring more successes, and I’m looking forward to following his growth from now on. Read more

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