Weekly Roundup (17th August – 23rd August)

Hey everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely week! There’s a lot of music to digest and discover this week, so without further ado, let’s get into the weekly roundup!


The Versace Tape continues Boldy James’ streak of incredible, soulful albums this year – a must listen

Already on his third project this year, Detroit legend Boldy James has released his first as a member of Griselda Records. Produced by creative polymath Jay Versace, the album is conveniently titled The Versace Tape and sees Boldy continue with his incredibly introspective and animated raps over some crisp, lush and soulful production. Boldy James’ allure on the mic continues to strengthen with each and every release, as he flows effortlessly on the woozy and jazzy soundscape Jay Versace is able to create with guidance from executive producer Westside Gunn. Read more

Nubya Garcia’s debut SOURCE is a sublime album, a cohesive body of work that celebrates the rich, textured and diverse world of jazz

Celebrated and supremely talented, London-based saxophonist Nubya Garcia has finally blessed us with her utterly mesmeric debut album SOURCE. Over the last few years she has established herself as one of the leading musicians in UK’s thriving jazz scene, with sublime solo releases as well as incredible collaborations as a member of bands like Maisha and Nérija. As a saxophonist, her presence is dominant and emotive, as she showcases her range and incredible musicianship. I’m enamored by the textures and details of her compositions, and her debut album is a breathtaking sonic adventure into the mind of one of the most incredibly gifted saxophonists in the world. Read more


demahjiae – And, Such Is Life .

Oakland-based artist demahjiae has released a mesmeric new project titled And, Such Is Life. The 16-track project features soulful, experimental and textured production, complemented by introspective lyricism and incredible features throughout. The eclectic, subdued production on tracks like “Divinity” and “The Color of Bone” featuring Zeroh are sublime, creating a cacophonous sound that is almost overwhelming, and coupled with incredible lyricism makes them beautiful records. “Always And Forever” featuring Navy Blue is another incredible moment on the album. The stunning production on is one is just so beautiful, and the personal lyricism about self-reflection and mental health is just incredible poignant. The colourful beat on tracks like “Wild” and “Scared” are phenomenal. This album is simply incredible and I can’t wait to follow this man’s growth, as he still has so much untapped potential.

Elaquent – Bedtime Stories

Canadian artist Elaquent has released a brand new beat tape titled Bedtime Stories. I’ve been a fan of this man’s work for years now and he never ever disappoints. His thumping beats are incredibly produced, with synth leads and keys that make for a hard-hitting yet soulful and melodic sound. Tracks like “Year One” and “Alone in the Dark” are examples of this, with heavy, hard-hitting boom-bap production that has the ability to make my neck snap. “Sleight of Hand” is a slow-paced yet funky masterpiece that is reflective and beautifully produced. The whole 7-track EP is masterfully produced and showcases the extent of Elaquent’s talents as a producer.

Mecca:83 – Quiet Moments

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 has released a brand new EP titled Quiet Moments. The talented musician has been putting out high-quality work for a while now, and this new project continues this streak of incredibly lush, textured and detailed music. The 8-track project features some of my favourite production of his, such as on “Miles Beyond” where the groove of the beat as well as the jazzy undertones make for a beautifully reflective listen. Tracks like “Into the Silence” and “Maintain” are other highlights for me, with incredibly engaging and lively production that just hits hard throughout. It’s a terrific new project, and one definitely worth checking out and supporting!

Ruth Orhiunu – .​.​.​They’ll Say I’m Talking

British-Nigerian singer/songwriter Ruth Orhiunu has released a stellar new r&b project titled .​.​.​They’ll Say I’m Talking. This is my first time listening to the London-based, Birmingham-raised artist, and I’m immediately drawn to the hypnotic, ethereal quality of her music. Tracks like “Sometimes” and “Round & Round” have subdued, soft and angelic production. “Love Is Blind Interlude” and “Love Is Blind” are gorgeous tracks that further showcase her eclecticism as a musician, with dynamic and experimental production that showcase her range as a musician. Definitely a must listen to if you’re into angelic, reflective and soulful r&b.

Tenderlonious – Quarantena

London-based musical polymath Tenderlonious has come through with a brand new album titled Quarantena. Recorded in his lockdown studio in South London, Tenderlonious has found the time to experiment with new synths and new sounds, creating a dense, incredibly dynamic soundscape full of energetic, electronic compositions that sound timeless. Tracks like “Rocco’s Raga” and “Lockdown Boogie” are two of my favourites on the album. The former is a smooth and reflective track with an incredible flute melody that pierces through the vast, synth-heavy soundscape. The latter track is more dynamic and groovy, showcasing a more upbeat side to his vast and captivating sonic experiments. His flute melodies here are more eclectic and lively in energy as well. The whole tape is definitely worth a listen!

Saltfeend – Skydrone

Portland, Oregon producer Saltfeend has released a brand new project titled Skydrone. This is my first introduction to the talented musician, and I’m immediately drawn to the incredibly dense and wonderfully animated sound he’s able to create throughout. Tracks like “Wheeler” and “Night Korg” are examples of his dynamic, incredibly lush and potent production. His ability to create eclectic soundscapes with layered sand complex synth compositions, electronic effects and basslines make this boom-bap inspired project a fantastic one. There are some truly unique compositions, and it’s definitely a an album to support!

MosEL – Something To Think About

Detroit hip-hop artist MosEL has released a brand new project titled Something To Think About. I’ve been familiar with his work through his collaborations with the likes of Quelle Chris and Chris Keys, so I was naturally excited to listen to this project. The dynamic and colourful production, handled by MosEL himself as well as legends such as Ohbliv, Quelle Chris and Jon Bap among others, is just incredible throughout the 11 tracks. This gives MosEL the opportunity to rap effortlessly throughout. The introspection and thought he puts into his lyrics is super inspiring, as with “Self Love” featuring Fresh Daily, Black Spade and Shahan. The soulful beat perfectly complements the inspiring and reflective lyricism about the importance of self love. MosEL’s introspection and vision on life around him makes him one of the most interesting artists working today, and I will definitely be going back into his discography to discover more. Go support!

Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – Dollar Dr. Dream (Single)

Two of the most exciting and forward-thinking artists working today Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin have released a brand new single titled “Dollar Dr. Dream” off their highly anticipated new collab album set to come out very soon. Produced by Animoss, this beat is soulful and textured, with melodic keys and synths that are the perfect backdrop to both Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin’s dynamic and expressive rapping. I’m really looking forward to their collaborative album, and am happy to see both musicians flourish and grow musically with each and every release.

Weekly Playlist

Boldy James & Jay Versace – Maria (The Versace Tape)
Boldy James & Jay Versace – Cartier ft El Camino (The Versace Tape)
Boldy James & Jay Versace – Monte Cristo (The Versace Tape)
Nubya Garcia – The Message Continues (SOURCE)
Nubya Garcia – Together Is A Beautiful Place To Be (SOURCE)
Nubya Garcia – Before Us: In Demerara & Caura ft Ms MAURICE (SOURCE)
Demahjihae Bibbens – Pressed ft Pink Siifu & Zeroh (And, Such Is Life.)
Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – Dollar Dr. Dream (Single)
Zeroh – HEYOKA (Single)
Chimezie – Trading Jerseys ft Adé Hakim (Single)
Saltfeend – Skydrone (Skydrone)
Elaquent – For You, Anything (Bedtime Stories)
Emmavie – High Off This – Emmavie Remix (High Off This (Remixes))
Ruth Orhiunu – Round & Round (… They’ll Say I’m Talking)
Tenderlonious – Lockdown Boogie (Quarantena)

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