Weekly Roundup: 10th February – 16th February

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a busy week for myself personally, but a really excellent one in regards to new releases. I have revealed my book of the month and reviewed a gig this week, and I’m hoping that there will be more exciting features to come soon! Without further ado, here’s the weekly roundup!


Electrifying and utterly memorable – Joe Armon-Jones blew the roof off at his live show at Electric Brixton

On the 6th February, my favourite keyboardist Joe Armon-Jones blew the fucking roof off Electric Brixton. His incredible band were able to capture the magic of his last full length album Turn To Clear View so beautifully. The energy was there from the start to the absolute end, and I couldn’t be happier for the phenomenal musician, who continues to excel and grow with each release. Read more!

February 2020 Book of the Month: James Baldwin – Giovanni’s Room

James Baldwin is undeniably one of the greatest 20th Century writers ever to have lived, and Giovanni’s Room is just a small example of this icon’s long and deep writing history. Do pick this book up and read it this month! Read more


Moses Boyd – Dark Matter

London-based drummer and composer Moses Boyd has released a phenomenal, genre-pushing new album titled Dark Matter. Rooted in jazz, hip-hop and house music, the talented musician is able to craft an album that sounds diverse in sound and incredibly engaging and dynamic. From the booming opener of “Stranger Than Fiction” to the crazy broken-beat groove of “2 Far Gone” featuring the incredible Joe Armon-Jones on keys, this album brings influences across genres, really pushing the boundaries of what jazz music can sound in the 21st Century. A great, great album!


New Jersey-based musician JWords has come through with an incredible new project titled SÍN SÉNAL. The producer has released an electronic masterpiece, with pulsating basslines, heavy drums and synth leads that sound absolutely infectious. Ever since discovering her late last year, I’ve maintained the belief that she’s one of the most talented electronic producers working today. The drum-heavy “Pressure Point” is almost claustrophobic in sound, while the eerie and dominant “All Caps” featuring the brilliant Maassai brings manic energy to the music. Look out for her in 2020, she’s going to get the proper recognition she deserves and when she does it will be beautiful.

Against All Logic – 2017-2019

Nicolas Jaar has been releasing some incredible music for about a decade now, with subtle yet beautiful and poignant electronic releases. Against All Logic is another of his side projects, and this new release 2017-2019 highlights his more dynamic and thumping sound. With house and techno influences throughout the 9 tracks on this album, he brings engaging electronic rhythms with melancholic and sometimes ethereal synth melodies that add texture and depth to the music. The thumping, tribal drums on “With an Addict” is an example of this, with Aphex Twin-inspired glitchiness and broken beat rhythms that bring a heavy and menacing energy.

Clear Path Ensemble – Clear Path Ensemble

Wellington, New Zealand based musician Cory Champion has released a brand new self-titled jazz album under the name Clear Path Ensemble. Each track on Clear Path Ensemble brings a unique and utterly mesmerizing quality. From the tribal and heavy opener “Panorama Actual Spectral” to the angelic and prog-rock inspired closer “Inner Space,” the album brings differing tempos, unique instrumental melodies and an overall spiritual tone. It’s a release I’ll be playing for a very long time due to its raw, tribal energy, and I can’t wait to hear what he has coming next!

bsd.u – bsd​.​u 2019 collection

Canadian producer bsd.u has released a new tape titled bsd​.​u 2019 collection. It’s an expansive collection of hip-hop remixes he has done throughout 2019, and with soulful synths and thumping beats that dominate these fantastic remixes. Nothing much else to say about this release, other than it’s an absolute groove and despite its 25 tracks, doesn’t seem too lengthy or bloated. Give it a listen and support!

The Heliocentrics – Infinity Of Now

London-based psychedelic rock/funk/jazz band The Heliocentrics have come through with an insane new album titled Infinity Of Now. Released on Madlib’s record label, the talented group have recorded an album full of crazy, warped out sounds and melodies. They bring fuzzy guitar leads, manic drumming, eclectic horn sections and smooth vocals throughout the 8 track album. “Elephant Walk” is the most eclectic and heavy track on here in my opinion, with wailing horns and a rumbling beat and bassline that builds in energy to what sounds like a tipping point. Middle Eastern influences are present throughout tracks like “Hanging by a Thread” and “Lights in the Dark,” while the 10-minute closer “People Wake Up!” is a thrilling and meditative track that captures the atmosphere and unique qualities of this incredible band. I’m so glad they’re releasing some amazing music, and I hope they continue doing so for years to come.

Various Artists – Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders is a compilation project highlighting the most talented Australian jazz, funk and neo-soul artists making music today. Presented by Melbourne based record label Plug Seven, this release includes some incredible music from the likes of 30/70, GODTET, Daniel Merriweather and Laneous among many others. The compilation feels fluid and very well sequenced, with each artist showcasing their soul and heart through some intricate and incredibly powerful compositions. It sheds a light on some of the most inspiring and forward thinking musicians of this generation from the country down under.

FloFilz – Karru EP

German hip-hop producer FloFilz has released a beautiful new EP titled Karru. With heavy boom-bap drums, horn and piano leads throughout the 4 tracks, he is able to capture a raw and soulful energy, something he has been able to convey for years now. Bass-heavy tracks like “Wilderness” featuring Hubert Daviz are so great, as the hard-heavy beat mixed with the smooth, jazzy undertone make it so smooth. The rest of the tape slaps and you should definitely listen to it as well as his other releases.

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music (Single)

London-based artists Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes have come together for a brand new single titled “What Kinda Music.” It’s off their upcoming new album What Kinda Love, set to be released later in the year. There’s a menacing tone and energy to this track, mainly brought by Yussef Dayes’ heavy drumming and rhythms throughout. Tom Misch’s vocals provide a softer touch to this track, and with a beautiful string section that accompanies Misch’s vocals, the track brings an angelic, ethereal quality to the track as a whole. Can’t wait for the album now!

Zeroh – BLQLYTE (Single)

Experimental, underground LA legend Zeroh is back with a brand new single titled “BLQLYTE” off his upcoming new album of the same name. The cacophonous energy of the track track is brought by heavy, thick synths and a murky sound that keeps me on edge. It’s a real ethereal track that rumbles with its synths and melodies, as Zeroh goes from flowing brilliantly over the murky beat to descending into a maddening energy, with crazy vocal inflections and an oddly beautiful and melodic energy. Safe to say I cannot wait for this new album, out on the 24th April via LEAVING RECORDS.


New York-based artist Medhane is back with a brand new single titled “DAN FREEMAN” off his upcoming self-produced project Full Circle, which is set to come out on the 18th February. The eerie and unsettling tone of the beat, (which includes additional production from iblss) gives Medhane the perfect soundscape to deliver an introspective and personal verse. He flows effortlessly over the piercing instrumental and shows why he’s one of the most exciting artists working today. Can’t wait for the project!

Weekly Playlist

Moses Boyd – 2 Far Gone ft Joe Armon-Jones (Dark Matter)
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music (Single)
JWords – Pressure Point (SÍN SÉNAL)
Against All Logic – With an Addict (2017-2019)
Zeroh – BLQLYTE (Single)
ShunGu – Page 93: Of Your World. (A Book of 100 Spiritual Beats: Chapter IV)
Ivan Ave – Triple Double Love (Single)
Huey Briss & Nikobeats – Internal Affairs ft Maxo (Single)
FloFilz – Wilderness ft Hubert Daviz (Karru EP)
Knxwledge – learn (Single)
Clear Path Ensemble – Sacred-7 (Clear Path Ensemble)
Marquis Hill – Loving and Healing ft Christie Dashiell (Love Tape: With Voices)
30/70 – Drifting (Seven Wonders)
Laneous – Sooki the Love Dog (Seven Wonders)
The Heliocentrics – Burning Wooden Ship (Infinity Of Now)

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