LA post-punk trio Automatic make No-Wave sass with Delta 5 cover “Mind Your Own Business”

LA post-punk trio Automatic, who will release their debut album this fall, convey no-wave crisp lines and minimalist bops for the alienated social media era we exist in. These musicians-Izzy Glaudini, Lola Dompe and Halle Saxon-manipulate tone and experiment with negative space resulting in a doomy cold groove that projects visons of asymmetrical hair coifs, shifting in the blue light, to menacing synths. Signal, the eleven-song project that ping-pongs between two and three minutes per track, combines B-52’s type vocals, ESG jitters and knotty harmonized work residing between Suicide and NEU!. It’s the David Lynch soundtrack, with dub reggae and motorik edges, that maneuvers the angst of eerie atmospheres by reworking the energy into plush terrain. 

“Mind Your Own Business”, a Delta 5 cover, found on the B side of their lead single “Calling It” captures the restlessness of feeling adrift and wanting to start over, encapsulating the deeply rooted malaise that informs the album’s songwriting.”We just wanted to cover it because it’s such a cool sassy song with an amazing beat” according to the band. “It has an inspiring attitude because it can be hard to say no, but it makes you feel empowered to do just that. It’s fun yelling ‘NO’ on stage.”

Beneath the uneasiness, overall worry and concern, it’s the quirk and jerk groove, minor-key swing, and matter of fact presentation of lyrical tone, a colder cleaner Elastica for these digital internet times, makes Signal an album to check for this fall. Automatic will hold down a month-long residency at Los Angeles’ The Echo every Monday in August, followed by a string of European and UK dates in October, and a show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom in November.

Signal is out September 27th on Stones Throw Records.

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