Music: Andras – “Boom Boom”

Melbourne-based musician Andras has been a pivotal member of the electronic scene for a while now. His new project “Boom Boom” is one which samples Congo drumming, and in particular, percussion from Nigerian legend Babatunde Olatunji, who’s 1959 release “Jin-go-lo-ba” was highly influential to electronic musicians globally.

The acid house textures on the majority of the tracks make for engaging, dance-heavy vibes throughout. Tracks like “Jingo” feature heavy, intricate percussion along with thick basslines to give the track a funky, infectious groove. The colourful synth leads on “Conch” and “IPX7” are incredible as well, as the groovy, bass-heavy rhythm gives these tracks such funk and hypnotic energy. Overall, Andras comes through with a stellar release, one which is definitely a highlight over the last couple of months.

Listen to Andras’ new project “Boom Boom” below via Bandcamp below and don’t forget to support! Released via Public Possession.

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