Music: DT – Silence ft Tulin & Diamant Ballou (Single)

Whenever members of Plus TRBE release new music, I immediately jump to the opportunity to listen and review. Always forward-thinking and spiritual in tone, the collective have a fair share of excellent releases. Two of my absolute favourites – Diamant Ballou and Tulin, have teamed up with musician DT on an ethereal single titled “Silence.”

The gorgeous, angelic vocals from both supremely talented artists just make this record so rich with soul and angelic textures. The smooth synth-driven instrumentals make for a soothing listen. The lyrics of letting go and being free and letting silence give you peace makes for a spiritual, empowering listen, and both singers just ooze so much soul and beauty through their vocals that I just can’t get enough.

Listen to DT’s new single “Silence,” featuring Tulin and Diamant Ballou below via Spotify, and don’t forget to support! Released via Plus TRBE Recordings.

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