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Honourable Mentions: Albums 2018

This time of year is simultaneously my favourite and least favourite for the website for a few reasons. It allows me to celebrate my favourite releases of the year and getting other people to discover new music. On the other hand, I have to compile lists, something I loathe because I have to pick and chose which projects go into my favourite albums list and which ones deserve separate shoutouts. The following 10 projects are all incredible bodies of work and you should check them out, support them and celebrate them. There are only so many albums I can list here as being my absolute favourite and it has been an incredible year of music, so the choice was difficult. These are in no particular order because I do not think that albums or projects should be ranked at all. Also, I use “albums” loosely as these lists will include EPs and mixtapes. 

So without further ado, let’s get into these! 

Richie Saps – But Who Cares Anyway EP

London based producer and rapper Riche Raps came through this year with an honest and really soulful EP titled But Who Cares Anyway. The 5 track EP is rich with smooth and soulful melodies, incredibly lush and beautiful production, and an introspective tone throughout that is reflective and relatable. REVIEW/STREAM

Khalab – Black Noise 2084

Khalab’s Black Noise 2084 is an incredible album that dives into tribal grooves and screams with a deep house backdrop that is complemented by swirling synths, heavy percussion and drumming that can put you in a complete trance. One of the most memorable releases for far this year, for sure. REVIEW/STREAM

Low Leaf – PRiMiTiVA

This EP completely blew me away. From the harp-led instrumentation, I hear clear parallels, not only in sound but in overall aura and emotional impact to Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda. It is a truly mesmerising listening experience, and I recommend this to anyone. A beautiful body of work. REVIEW/STREAM

Oddboy Ten – Ulogy

All I can say about this release is that it is a profound body of work that encapsulates so much creative freedom and spirituality in its tone, themes and overall aura. Thank you Mr Oddboy Ten for this amazing project. REVIEW/STREAM

Masur Brown – Shiroi

I really is a testament to how amazing this year has been for music when Mansur Brown’s debut album Shiroi is on this list. This project is just rich in textures, layers, captivating melodies and most importantly soul, and a whole lot of it. REVIEW/STREAM

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