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Honourable Mentions: Albums 2018

Wu-Lu – N.A.I.S. EP

Wu-Lu’s whole N.A.I.S EP is a haunting yet stunning work of art which transcends genres and emanates a spiritual tone which infects the soul with grooves. It’s a masterful project that gives us an insight into the future. REVIEW/STREAM

MIKE – renaissance man

This is the only project that’s on the list that I haven’t covered. The reason is that I discovered MIKE late, just a couple of months ago in fact. With his album renaissance man he captures a sound that brings soul, creative lo-fi production and introspective, raw and honest raps from the New York emcee. I saw him live at the Jadasea headline show in November, and completely fell in love with his sound. For all the hip-hop and beat heads this is an absolute essential listen. STREAM

Jeremiah Jae – DAFFI

DAFFI is an exceptional album. Possibly Jeremiah Jae’s best to date. Dark, twisted, incredibly dense musically with incredible jazz and soul samples that pierce through the soul. A very contemplative release, one that let’s you feel Jeremiah Jae’s pain through his alter ego Daffi. Only reason it’s not in my top 20 albums list is that for some reason I haven’t returned back to it much since it’s release. REVIEW/STREAM

Weyland McKenzie – Northeast EP

Weyland McKenzie’s debut EP Northeast sounds like a complete project that flows like an album, with rich textures and beautifully introspective lyrics. The East London rapper exceeds all expectations and I have faith and belief that Weyland McKenzie is going to be one of the biggest names in the UK scene within the next couple of years. REVIEW/STREAM

Yazmin Lacey – When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees EP

Originally from Nottingham, Brownswood Future Bubblers graduate Yazmin Lacey has become an exciting new voice within the UK neo-soul and jazz scene. With her powerful, soothing vocals that are backed by a groovy and vibrant soundscape that gives her music an ethereal atmosphere, she has really come into her own these last few years and this EP titled When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees is an example of this. REVIEW/STREAM

So there we have it. 10 projects that didn’t quite make the cut but still deserve to be recognised, supported and celebrated. Thanks to all the musicians who have given such beautiful music to the world, you guys really are some of the most important people to me because of this. To another successful year in 2019! 


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