Leather Blvd. is B Cool-Aid’s most ambitious and defining album to date, as well as one of the better neo-soul/hip-hop albums to come out in a while

B. Cool-Aid, the special duo of Pink Siifu and Ahwlee, have just released what is their most complete and captivating project to date. Their debut project together was in 2017 and titled BRWN, an incredible neo-soul tape with incredibly lush and textured production, and the melodic and versatile Pink Siifu on the mic, talking about a plethora of issues important to him. He has never been afraid to speak his mind directly on issues affecting the Black community and diaspora within the States, with his work becoming more and more politically charged throughout the years. He’s also become a father to two beautiful children recently, shifting his perspective on life. Since BRWN, they’ve released a few other tapes, but Leather Blvd. is easily their most defining body of work so far.

16 tracks and 1 hour and 7 minutes in length, it’s a grand, expansive listen that feels (and is) much more of a collaborative effort, as they bring in some of the most talented soul musicians making music today in Butcher Brown, DJ Harrison, Mndsgn, Pink Siifu as iiye and of course Ahwlee himself. The expansive project invites a whole lot of features as well, all of whom add so much character and style to the album as a whole. The instrumentation feels live, with incredible drumming and basslines throughout that add so much soul and grooviness to the ir sound. “Soundgood” featuring Liv.e, Jimetta Rose and V.C.R is an example of a groove that just sounds so infectious from start to finish, while “Wassup” features one of the most unique voices in R&B Devin Morrison, Pher and Moruf, another standout on the album, with the silky smooth vocals throughout and an incredible bassline that just hits throughout. The more ethereal moments come in the form of the Mndsgn-assisted “Neems (Naima)” featuring Akeema-Zane as well, with gorgeous synths and ethereal energy that fluctuates throughout. It’s another incredible moment. “Cnt Fk Around” is another standout, and it’s the striking lyricism around Black life in the States, the shootings, senseless killings, and the system as a whole being designed to make people fail. The track transitions into an skit, with the music playing in the background, as we hear people talk about life over the smooth instrumental. “fools_LSA” featuring Big Rube, V.C.R, Ladybug Mecca, Butcher Brown and DJ Harrison is another standout, with incredible guitar leads that just sound so damn beautiful throughout. “ChalkaroundIt” featuring Ladybug Mecca has fast-paced drumming a soulful guitar melody. The disorienting “”Craxy”!” featuring Butcher Brown, Kamilah, Blk Deco and SALIMATA is another interesting track, with Pink Siifu giving us an insight into his porn addition and how that has impacted his relationship with women in general and the impact on his life. A more surprising but important moment on the album, where he just lets loose on his vices in a relatable way. It immediately flows with “Streets Got Pages” with Liv.e, Jimetta Rose and V.C.R, another fantastic track, with an infectious, warm bassline and hard-hitting beat that’s just incredible throughout. There are so many highlights and standouts on the album – pretty much the entire album at this point. It took me a few listens to grow to it initially, but having this album with good headphones or speakers makes it worthwhile. “Brandy, Aaliyah” featuring Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, Jimetta Rose, V.C.R, Moruf and Kamilah is another beautiful and reflective moment, with subtle but gorgeous guitars, basslines and drumming that are textured and layered beneath the incredible features. “We Good at Leather Tht Leather This” featuring Fousheé, Butcher Brown, Ladybug Mecca and Nita Darling is a 9-minute closer, perfectly capturing the reflecting and soulful energy that has been amplified throughout the album. It’s a slow-paced, meandering track with shifts in tempo and beat switches, showcasing their versatility and chemistry effortlessly.

B Cool-Aid have released a truly stellar body of work, with the focus here being the power of collaboration and the incredible musicianship of all the artists involved. Leather Blvd. is their most ambitious and defining album to date, and one of the better neo-soul / hip-hop albums to come out in a while. Pink Siifu and Ahwlee really tapped into something special here, and I cannot wait to see them perform this live, as well as hear what else they got cooking, because they are just getting started. Go support Leather Blvd. below! Released via Lex Records.

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