The Laron-produced The Corner: Vol.1 is easily Jadasea’s most ambitious project to date, and proves why he’s a fitting ambassador for London’s burgeoning independent hip-hop scene

South East London meets Brooklyn, New York on one of the more impressive collaborative projects I’ve heard in a while. Repping London is Jadasea, a super talented emcee who has been releasing some of my favourite hip-hop in years, with projects such as half-life, time-will-tell, and more recently LOOKALIVE!, which came out mid-last year. His introspective verses speaking on his own experiences growing up and living in London, delivered with an occasional laid-back flow makes for an interesting listen. The production he picks is eclectic and futuristic, often soulful yet melancholic, and the energy of his music is always reflective and meditative. Repping Brooklyn, New York is Laron, a talented producer whose crisp and soulful beats shine through, as exemplified on The Corner: Vol.1, their new album.

26 tracks long and an hour in length, this is easily one of Jadasea’s most ambitious projects to date, and I’m delighted for him. After “Intro”, the album flows into “Cheers”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The muffled soul sample and guitar lead make for a perfect soundscape for Jadasea to rap about his personal triumphs despite the plethora of struggles London as a city faces in this day and age. He sounds more animated than I’ve ever heard him I think, as he raps with purpose and intent throughout, sounding hungrier than ever. He’s got a lot of shit to get off his chest as well, given the long runtime. “Quicksand” is a highlight, with a colourful, soulful beat that gives space for Jadasea to open with – “It’s like I’m stuck in sand, trying to get the upper hand / I put the cash in socks and rubber bands and try expand”, flowing effortlessly throughout the crisp and beautiful beat. His lyrics are too complex to digest or understand, he gets to the point and raps with such clarity, which is what I love about his style. “Tony Yayo” featuring Sideshow has another funky, soulful and colourful beat, chopped to perfection, with both emcees flowing perfectly over the crazy beat. “The Ropes” is crazy too, with a thumping beat and Jadasea’s mellow flow and clever wordplay being an absolute highlight. “Holding On” featuring Niontay has another incredible beat as well… I could keep going through the tracklist and keep picking out highlights but I’d have to do it for pretty much every track. The features all did their thing as well. MIKE on “Peace Out” shines through as per usual – “In the air I keep my knuckles but my feet down” being a standout bar for me. YS Tekdinner on “No Games” also did his thing, and is my first introduction to the talented emcee. John Glacier on “Heaven High”, Prem on “February”, Pinty on “Telly” and Wiki on “Oh Dear” (another one of my personal favourites) all excelled with their verses, sharing their own perspective on moody, colourful and intricate verses that complement Jadasea and Laron’s energies perfectly. But it’s tracks like “Grimey Blimey” that really show his talent. How he opens that verse is just breathtaking. His flow is just mesmerising throughout, again showcasing exactly why he’s one of the more skilled emcees making music today – “It was written, the streets listen, each lesson I took to heart, I took a deep breath in…”. It’s not always about what you say but how you deliver it and Jada is the king of that laid-back, nonchalant delivery but wavy flow. His conscious lyricism is something to also take note of, as it shows how deeply he cares for, and wants the best for, his people and city.

I mean shit, what can I say. Again, The Corner: Vol​.​1 is easily Jadasea’s most ambitious project to date. With colourflul, soulful and funky production from Laron, Jadasea is able to navigate through his state of mind, speaking his truth on the world around him, observing all the intricacies of city life, and commenting on the fucked political, economic and social landscape as well. With his smooth and effortless flows and animated tone, he captures so much infectious energy throughout the whole hour, and is a fantastic ambassador for London’s burgeoning independent hip-hop scene.

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