Music: Jadasea & Edgar the Breathtaker – half-life

One of London’s finest rappers Jadasea teams up with one of London-s finest producers Edgar the Breathtaker (aka King Krule) on a new EP titled half-life. They’re some of my favourite artists at the moment, so it’s great seeing them create such a beautiful new project.

The 5-track EP starts off with “ties,” a gorgeous, moody guitar-driven track that has Jadasea giving an introspective verse about his mental health, giving quite a vivid description of his experience in London and city life. “days” is an ethereal, moody track with synths and guitars throughout. The verses are suffocated by the beat, as if they’re drowning in the music while talking about the darker aspect of London. The beat on “ends” is more upbeat, but still provides this moody vibe throughout. “laments” similarly feels sombre, with gorgeous synths throughout, and Jadasea talking frankly about his mental health. “fades” is a brilliant closer to the album, with Jadasea sounding more alive and poignant lyrically than on the rest of the project. It’s a fantastic closer to this short but impactful project, and I hope to hear more from these two talented musicians.

Watch a music video to the project titled half-life below directed by Liz Johnson Artur.

Listen to Jadasea and Edgar the Breathtaker’s brand new collaborative EP half-life below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via Matter Research.

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4 comments on “Music: Jadasea & Edgar the Breathtaker – half-life

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