time​-​will​-​tell is one of Jadasea’s most personal and vulnerable projects to date – a soulful and beautiful body of work

Jadasea’s simply one of the coolest UK rappers making music today. The beats he gets on and rhymes over are usually soulful yet with a groove and drive to them that makes his music engaging and upbeat. From his 2019 collaboration with Edgar the Breathtaker half-life to his various redLee collaborations, the talented artist has been able to paint the story of his life with fragments of memories and experiences, scattered within free-flowing verses and relatable thoughts.

time​-​will​-​tell is his new project, a short 13 minute project that feels like an introduction to spring, at least from the light and soulful production that it exudes. “time will tell” feels optimistic only by sound, with its infectious piano keys and subtle horns that provide a jazzy undertone and Jadasea’s dark and disorienting lyrics on his mental health and dealing through stuff. Only time will tell how healthy and good spirited he’ll be, but there’s an air of optimism about it, not only on this track, but others throughout. The funky, synth-heavy groove on “visions” is an example of this. The colourful beat is complemented by uplifting verses from Jadasea, who is finally seeing the light and closer to the source of inner peace. It’s one of the more glowing, memorable tracks on the album. The Brazilian soul sample on “away with” is beautiful and somber, which complements Jadasea’s aura on it as well. The gorgeous, jazzy loop on “ashes to ashes” is another highlight, as he reflects on learning lessons and growing as an individual. It’s like as the album progresses, he blossoms into a better, more self-aware version of himself. The off-kilter yet soulful sample on “face of it” is exceptional, while the dominant groove on “subluna” is one of the more energetic and melancholic beats on the project, and Jadasea’s lively verse adds to the energy of that track. It’s a great way to close the album out, and he really did a great job of creating an atmospheric, soulful and revealing body of work.

time​-​will​-​tell is a poignant, personal and soulful project that captures Jadasea’s state of mind with interesting stories and anecdotes of his own experiences. It’s a brilliantly sequenced body of work that flows seemingly throughout. He seems to be hungrier and more motivated than ever to make music and work towards sharpening his craft. Go listen to time​-​will​-​tell below via Bandcamp.

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