The haunting beauty of Hinako Omori’s A Journey… makes it such a hypnotic, emotive listening experience.

London based, Japanese born Hinako Omori makes soundscapes full of animation and gentle sonic muses full of emotive moments. It’s my first time discovering her music, I guess because the album I’m about to review is her debut, (although she did release an EP titled Auraelia I’m yet to explore) and I’m still new to the ambient electronic sound. But I am an absolute fan now, and Hinako Omori is an artist I will be listening to for quite some time to come. Her official studio debut is titled A Journey… and is an incredibly emotive and utterly stunning body of work that encapsulates all the free-spirited, blissful energy in the world. Her music is hypnotic and often entrancing, not because of any particular groove or beat, but because of the powerful feeling I get listening to it. It is however a mood album, meaning I would have to find the right time or be in the right state of mind to listen to it.

The album opens up with the gorgeous and delicate “Spaceship Lament”. The powerful synths and the subtle percussion make for a mesmeric listen and it sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album. One of my favourite moments on the album is “A Journey”, an ethereal track with a subtle groove from the synth melodies, and the vocals that add a mysterious tone to it. The way she’s able to capture this incredible soundscape, constantly elevating it with its angelic synth leads is quite spectacular and feels like you’re truly ascending into the heavens. “Ocean” is another sublime moment, melancholic at times. I assume it’s Hinako singing, and if so, wow. The sheer energy and passion in the vocals on tracks like “Ocean” and the 8-minute magnum opus “Will You Listen In” are just flawless. Speaking of flawless, the latter track mentioned is truly sublime. Growing synths, bird samples and constant sonic warmth is what encapsulates the energy of this track, and it’s truly special. The clarity of her voice on “Heartplant” is just so gorgeous. The swirling electronic instrumentation on “Levitation” is otherworldly and sci-fi-esque. After the quiet whispering interlude of “(Nature Reset Gap)”, we get the haunting “The Richest Garden in your Memory”. Her vocals are incredible, and the track leads perfectly to the thoughtful and moving “Yearning”. The album ends with the playful “Snow”, still a hypnotic and enthralling listen that eventually closes with the last synths fading into what seems like nothingness.

The haunting beauty of Hinako Omori’s A Journey… makes it such a hypnotic, emotive listening experience. The way she’s able to convey the beauty and ethereal energy through synth melodies is just so admirable, and I’d love to go experience her play live someday soon. So I 100% recommend, for those who want beautiful ambient music, go listen to Hinako Omori’s A Journey… and get immersed in the journey.

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