Disorienting, frantic and gripping, Iceboy Violet’s The Vanity Project is a striking stament of intent

Some of the most innovative and groundbreaking electronic music has usually originated from the UK. The relentless, unapologetic and gritty energy Iceboy Violet is able to produce on their short but punchy new mixtape The Vanity Project is exactly that, and so much more. A few years in the making, the Manchester-based artist has channeled this loud, abrasive and experimental sound with the help of some of the most talented electronic musicians working today. It’s club music, electronic music, grime and hip-hop all in one, with an eclectic sound that is truly mesmeric from start to finish.

“Urban Ambiance”, produced by Space Afrika, has these broken beat grooves, subdued vocals and a constant, rumbling bassline that is also complemented by swirling synth effects that are playful yet heavy in tone. Its groove is infectious, with its scattered rhythms creating this jittery, relentless vibe. The atmospheric “Are U Connected”, produced by Emily Glass, complements ethereal synths and punchy beats that complement Iceboy Violet’s introspective and abstract, poetic lyrics. It’s one of the most poignant and emotive moments on the project, in my opinion. “VANITY”, produced by Jennifer Walton, has this pummeling, relentless and abrasive energy, as Iceboy Violet’s urgent delivery is complemented by jittery synths and heavy beats. “Antiskeptic”, produced by Slikback and Nick Leon, has fast-paced, relentless energy that just continues with “Lilith”, produced by Mun Sing and featuring Blackhaine, Daemon and Orlandor. The tribal energy, the subdued synth leads and the vocals on this track are incredible. The abrasive and pummeling energy of “DEATHDRIVE”, produced by Exploited Body, is loud, as Iceboy Violet’s vocals are freakish. Their vocals here are so in-your-face, and sound so manic along with the experimental, left-field beat. “Atone // Blankface”, produced by LOFT, is this disorienting, meandering track that has Iceboy Violet deliver this crazed out and muffled verse that is complemented by jittery synths, idiosyncratic arrangements that end the project on a dynamic, abrasive and eclectic high.

Iceboy Violet is truly a revelation. Their music channels the drive and energy of club music, while bringing influences from grime, hip-hop and left-field electronic music, creating this idiosyncratic, heady and disorienting sound, while providing poetic, introspective lyricism that just sounds so good. The cutting-edge sound of Manchester’s underground is well and truly alive and thriving, and Iceboy Violet’s The Vanity Project is exemplary of this. Go check it out!

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