Medici Daughter’s self-titled debut is organised chaos done to perfection

Striking, strange, and mysterious, Medici Daughter’s self-titled EP is quite a bold statement. Not much is known about the enigmatic musician(s) other than the fact that they’re London-based. And it makes sense. London, and the UK, in general, has produced some of the most groundbreaking electronic music ever, with artists such as Burial, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin setting some of the foundations of a genre that is constantly in motion. In more recent years, I have been enthralled by artists such as Loraine James and Actress (just to name a few), who have taken the genre to new heights, with glitchy, otherworldly compositions that are at times challenging, but ultimately groundbreaking and essential in moving the culture forward.

Medici Daughter EP is an example of this, with glitchy, synth-heavy compositions that jitter and bounce throughout these emphatic and atmospheric synths that capture an urgency and intensity that I just find so captivating and enthralling. The heaviness and manic energy of tracks like “Breeder” featuring Raffy is just an example of the genius Medici Daughter are able to produce. It’s like they sample different industrial sounds, composed with an unnerving, unassuming tone that pummels and dives the track forward. I can just imagine experiencing this at some warehouse party, as the speakers just amplify and blow everything away. It is fucking insane. The colourful, art-pop tone of “PVL Toxin” is infectious in its energy, yet absolutely chaotic in its execution. It’s organised chaos, and it’s absolutely insane. The darkness of “Lime” and “Angelfire (1996)” are incredibly glitchy, and tribal, with insanely fast-paced and relentless rhythms and beats that seem to travel at the speed of light. The bass on “Plugged” is turned all the way up, with an incredible feature from Le3 bLACK, who seems to be able to rap over pretty much anything. The compositions on this one are crazy as well, as there’s this moody, atmospheric feeling throughout that makes it one of my favourites on the album.

There’s so much to admire about Medici Daughter’s debut. Striking, bold and manic in its tone and energy. As mentioned, it’s the perfect example of organised chaos, with frantic, rhythmic irregularities and off-kilter moments that are disorienting, yet composed together perfectly to create a memorable soundscape, and one I will be listening to for quite a while. Medici Daughter EP is excellent, and I recommend it.

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