Curly Castro’s Little Robert Hutton

In a dense, humid and eerie forest, with a tiny beam of light beaming from the moon, protected by thick layers of clouds. As I look around, I notice nothing but the sound of the wind whistling through the thick leaves. There is no human life around me. I feel cold, damp and isolated. I’m stood in front of a large black portal, floating there in the middle of the vastly sinister landscape. I stare deep into it, then look away abruptly. My head, my body and my mind feel fuzzy and disoriented, as I start to stumble, losing balance. I pick myself back up, take my headphones out, and press play on Curly Castro’s Little Robert Hutton.

I’m entranced. There’s something utterly captivating about the opening 4 minutes of the album, as the heaviness of the beat and groove throughout sound raw, heavy and tribal. The earth beneath me starts to shift, slowly crumbling with force. The fragile soil breaks beneath my feet. I lose balance, and reach out to the portal in front of me. The ground gives way completely, the roar from it overpowering, as I’m left holding onto this black portal. I glance at the seemingly infinite drop beneath me, and I start feeling disoriented and sick. I pull myself up towards the portal and fall in. The gravitational force inside the portal sent me down a disorienting, nightmarish trip into the unknown. Black surroundings around me, nothing in site. I pass out after a few seconds, and continue falling. I have completely lost track of time at this point, giving my body and soul away to an unknown spirit or universe, completely losing control of my will and my mind. I eventually start hearing voices. They grow louder and louder with each minute, and more and more uncomfortable to listen to. I suddenly gain consciousness, wake up and stand up. I’m in the middle of this vast desert-like landscape, with sand, dust and rocks surrounding me. I can hear voices, amplified around me as if on Tannoy speakers. Curly Castro sounds menacing, speaking every word, phrase, sentence with intent and urgency. The soundscape and aura of the music is mesmeric and wildly eclectic, as Curly Castro and the plethora of incredible features talk about the state of the world as they see it. Whether through “F stands for Hampton” featuring Defcee, Jyroscope, Alex Ludovico + SKECH185 or the futuristic, dynamic and frantic “Black August in IIII parts”, the album meanders between desolate, melodic moments and harsh, sharp moments full of piercing, politically charged lyrics that bring light to some of the more evil things that happen around us. The album feels genuinely fuzzy and disorienting, as it keeps propelling this anti-establishment and black revolutionary message that is poignant and incredibly powerful. Over 14 tracks he brings that message home, aided by the talents of producers Quelle Chris, Messiah Musik, Blueprint, August Fanon, Locust, DOS4GW and Jason Griff, as well as guest appearances from  Breezly Brewin, Mr. Lif, PremRock, billy woods, Zilla Rocca, Marcus Pinn, ALASKA, SKECH185, Candice Murray and Margel the Sophant.

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