The day after the storm. Thick grey clouds are still circulating around the vast skies in the green countryside of the French alps. The sun is trying to pierce through the blankets in the sky, as I step out of my cottage, put my headphones on, and press play on BADBADNOTGOOD’s Talk Memory.

The house is in a valley, surrounding it, with mountains either side dominating the landscape like newly built skyscrapers. The clouds are in constant motion, meandering between the skies, the strong morning winds shaping their journey. The sun has started to pierce through, though there is still a sense of darkness and uncertainty, as the opening synth notes and drums of “Signal from the Noise” open an enthralling musical experience. The guitar and basslines echo the intensity of the storm the night before, but there is a delicate touch brought by soulful piano melodies that complement the intensity of the guitars and synth leads throughout. Arthur Verocai’s presence on a big chunk of this album is what makes it such a mesmeric listening experience, as he is able to bring his compositions to life through incredible guitar grooves and rhythms, especially on tracks like “Beside April” and “Talk Meaning” with Terrance Martin, Brandee Younger and Verocai himself. It’s one of the highlights of the album, with incredible syncopated drumming, gorgeous horn instrumentation and piano keys that perfectly capture the aura and beauty of their music. As I continue walking through the damp grass, soaking up the rainfall from the night before, I feel the organic and earthly textures of “Timid, Intimidating” ring through, as I see birds restless, flying around, chirping and adding beauty to the surroundings. “Beside April (Reprise) with Arthur Verocai is an incredibly poignant moment. The delicacy of that track is what makes it such an amazing experience, and walking through the bright green valley, listening to all the textures of this album, it makes me feel so serene.

Go support BADBADNOTGOOD’s excellent new album Talk Memory.

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