Weekly Roundup (11th May – 17th May)

Hey everyone, happy Sunday as per usual hope you’re all staying safe and healthy these days. As per usual, there have been some incredible releases over the past week, so without further ado, let’s get into this week’s roundup!


The alluring, stunning and soulful world Moses Sumney’s second studio double-album græ

On græ, Moses Sumney reaches new heights. It’s an expansive, mood-setting album that is both atmospheric and rhythmic. Moses Sumney’s vocal range on this album is absolutely stunning, and as a producer, he is able to create a vivid and textured soundscape that beautifully captures his soul and spirituality. I’m in awe yet again, and this album will be something I will have on repeat for a very long time, trust me. An amazing, breathtaking body of work, truly. Read more

The suffocating, psychedelic brilliance of Nick Hakim’s WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD

Nick Hakim’s new album WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD feels intimate, as the artist is seeking both validation and peace within himself. Dealing with grief, depression and inner-growth throughout this album, providing us with a self-reflecting and psychedelic body of work, as he meditates on his thoughts and levitates musically. It’s definitely an album worthy of support, and I hope Nick Hakim continues to strive as an artist, because I can only see growth from here! Read more


Natureboy Flako – Ambitus Of Beauty

There is a subtlety and raw abstraction in Natureboy Flako’s music that makes him one of the most fascinating musicians of the last 5 years or so. With 2015’s Natureboy, he crafted a mystical and hypnotic sound that still gets replayed to this day, and has continued to impress ever since. He is back with a brand new album titled Ambitus Of Beauty, a subdued and aesthetically minimalistic album, with moody and melodic synth leads and guitar leads throughout that are soulful and melodic. Tracks like “Memory Images” and “Silver Forest Spirits” show that kind of mysticism, with guitar and synth leads that create a dynamic yet reflective tone throughout. It’s a phenomenal body of work that focuses on mood and tone rather than rhythm, with an aura that makes me want to meditate to it for time to come. Definitely worth checking out!

DøøF & Ewonee – RACKIN SHIT.

New York based rapper DøøF and producer Ewonee have released a short but excellent new EP titled RACKIN SHIT. The soulful New York sound is reverberated throughout with lush, soulful and dynamic production. It’s coupled perfectly with DøøF’s incredible flow and intricate raps. His introspections and wordplay is something to commend and celebrate. I’ve been following his musical growth for a few years now, and it’s great seeing him continue to excel with each and every release. RACKIN SHIT is a cohesive body of work that showcases both artists at the height of their creativity, and I can’t wait to see what these super talented artists do next.

Sharada Shashidhar – Rahu

Sharada Shashidhar new project Rahu is a compelling, mesmeric one. This is the first time I’ve come across this talented artist, and I am not disappointed. With mystical and tribal percussion, she is able to bring an angelic vocal performance throughout the 6-track project. Her voice is soft and soothing, which complements the lively, rhythmic production throughout. Tracks like “Luckiest Shar” and “Loose Ends” feature an incredible groove, with gorgeous vocals throughout that capture an ethereal, hypnotic tone that just sounds soothing and utterly captivating. “Vexed” ends the project with a dynamic, groovy beat and soulful vocals that capture an infectious energy, closing the album out perfectly. I definitely recommend you check this album out.

Mecca:83 – NinetyFour

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 has released a new 6-track EP titled NinetyFour. It’s a project dedicated to his love for hip-hop, in particular that early 90s sound. It features heavy, boom-bap production with incredible basslines and thumping beats throughout. I do recommend you check out this man’s discography, because it is vast and quite special. This project is equally as emphatic in its sound than his previous music, so I definitely recommend you go back and check them all out.

Moose Dawa – All Things

Malmö, Sweden based beatmaker Moose Dawa has released a brand new 4-track EP titled All Things. The incredible boom-bap production is coupled with gorgeous piano keys and groovy basslines that add a lot of soul and ethereal beauty to the music. The reflective, captivating tone of these tracks are incredible, and I hope to see Moose Dawa continue to grow and strive as a musician, because he has still so much potential to uncover with his music. I do recommend you check this one out.

Maxwell Owin & Phoebs (Síbín) – Come With The Ragga (Singles)

Síbín is a London-based collective that studies and celebrates the relationship between audiovisual experiences and identity & culture through live shows, radio and other events. Talented producer Maxwell Owin is a part of that collective, and he has released a brand new single titled “Come With The Ragga” alongside vocalist and musician Phoebs. The soulful, 2-step production brought by Max is complemented by an incredible flow from Phoebs, who rhymes effortlessly over the colourful, textured and dynamic production. The subtle guitars throughout this track create more of an ethereal tone. “Come With The Ragga (SE Remix)” is a heavy, garage-inspired track that brings a menacing, unapologetic groove to it. It a terrific release and I can’t wait to see what this collective does next!

Shumba Maasai – AK Sutt’in Remix ft TINYMAN, Intalekt, Afronaut Zu (Single)

Shumba Maasai, one of London’s finest emcees and musicians has released a stellar new remix to his incredible 2018 single “AK Sutt’in.” It features none other than TINYMAN, Intalekt and Afronaut Zu, three of the most talented UK-based artists working today. All of them bring their own personalities, with intricate verses that add to the grandiosity of the original track. Intalekt’s verse surprised me especially, as his menacing and lower-pitched delivery sounded incredible over the thumping beat. I only wish it was longer but that’s just because the track is so good!

 SHADEEMUS – Shaku (Single)

Psychedelic UK based band SHADEEMUS (consisting of Adam Martin, Scott Xylo and Demigosh) have released a pulsating, riveting new single titled “Shaku.” The heavy, distorted guitar and bass leads throughout are complemented by a rumbling beat and haunting vocals from Demigosh. The dynamic guitar leads and incredible energy of this track is what makes it special, and at this point I simply cannot wait to hear these three talented musicians release their upcoming debut EP. Highly recommend you check all their music out and support, a classic is definitely incoming!

standing on the corner – Angel (Single)

What can be said about standing on the corner that hasn’t been said yet? The New York-based experimental group have influenced a new generation of musicians, with quirky sound effects and compositions that are incredibly textured and soulful. Their new single “Angel” is incredible. Their highly captivating, jazzy and wildly experimental sound is brought together by the phenomenal chemistry between each and every member. The bass-heavy beat is complemented by colourful guitar leads, synths and quirky vocals. There’s so much happening throughout the track. A lot of reverb and loops, suffocating pitched vocals, of-kilter sound effects. This is what makes them such a captivating band – their incredible unpredictability. So do listen to this track, and I pray we get a new standing on the corner album this year!

Weekly Playlist

Moses Sumney – In Bloom (græ)
Moses Sumney – Gagarin (græ)
Moses Sumney – Bless Me (græ)
Natureboy Flako – Towards the Sun (Ambitus of Beauty)
standing on the corner – Angel (Single)
Adé Hakim – LIKE ME (Single)
SHADEEMUS – Shaku (Single)
Sharada Shashidhar – Luckiest Star (Rahu)
Shumba Maasai – AK Sutt’in Remix ft TINYMAN, Intalekt & Afronaut Zu (Single)
Moose Dawa – Minka (All Things)
REASON – Pop Shit ft ScHoolboy Q (Single)
slowthai – ENEMY (Single)

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