Weekly Roundup: (13th January – 19th January)

Happy Sunday everyone! In this weekly roundup, I reflect on two phenomenal films released in the UK in 2020 – Uncut Gems and The Lighthouse, as well as going over some of my favourite music have come out over the last 7 days and beyond. Without further ado, here we go!


Exhilarating, chaotic and thoroughly enjoyable, Uncut Gems is a film to remember

Anxiety-inducing, hypnotizing and thoroughly entertaining, The Safdie Brothers have produced another stunning film. Adam Sandler have the best performance of his career, and the psychedelic, beautiful and engaging cinematography makes it one of my favourite films I’ve seen in a while. Read more

Claustrophobic, manic and stunning, The Lighthouse is a wild, eclectic and utterly haunting film experience

The Lighthouse is a film that studies the effects of isolation and descent into madness in a poetic, claustrophobic and entertaining way. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe give standout performances as two lighthouse workers in the middle of a small island ravaged by a storm, mermaids and an eerie energy that pervades through both characters. An astonishing film, really. Read more


Goya Gumbani – HGR Presents: A Thousand Months

Originally from Brooklyn, London-based hip-hop artist Goya Gumbani released an intricate, soulful, utterly beautiful and introspective project titled HGR Presents: A Thousand Months. The production is crisp, his lyricism poignant and revealing. He is one of the most exciting artists within the genre, so I predict a big 2020 for him.

Ovrkast. – Try Again

Oakland, California artist Ovrkast. has come through with a beautiful, melodic and poetic new album titled Try Again. Mavi, Navy Blue, Demahjiae and Pink Siifu feature on this cohesive and soulful new album, bringing their own thoughts and personalities on record. While I know Ovrkast. for his production chops, its amazing hearing him sound so good on the mic too. Big things to come from him!


Brooklyn-based rapper AKAI SOLO and Richmond, Virginia producer BSTFRND release an incredible new collaborative album titled Like Hajime. Anime sampling, eclectic in sound and profoundly lyrical, this release embodies the talents of both artists beautifully through a cohesive body of work.

lojii – lo&behold

Philadelphia-based rapper lojii has released a brand new album titled lo&behold on his 30th birthday. A jazzy, smooth and soulful release, the tape showcases lojii’s incredible wordplay, flow and energy, which is all backed by lush and layered production. He’s one of the most consistent rappers doing it today, and I anticipate more incredible music in the next couple of years.

The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – The Professionals

Legends and brothers Madlib and Oh No have released their debut studio album The Professionals. With Madlib on the beat and Oh No on the mic, the two musicians have released an raw, soulful and hard-hitting project that as usual features rare samples, intricate loops and incredible raps, also featuring Elzhi, Chino XL, and Adub. A truly fantastic project.

Mac Miller – Circles

This was a difficult listen emotionally. Knowing that Mac Miller is not on this planet anymore, Circles is an emotive, revealing listen that gives us an insight into his state of mind in the last year of his life. The instrumentation feels warm, layered and live, while his singing and rapping throughout is gentle and utterly beautiful. There are more sombre moments such as the phenomenal single “Good News,” and more dynamic and upbeat moments such as “Complications” and “Blue World” that provide the perfect instrumental balance. Lyrically the themes include love, loss, depression and self love. His openness and honesty is refreshing to hear, and the stylistic shift in recent years showed that he was trying his best to craft a new musical identity for himself, really coming into his own musically and providing a strong sense of identity and belonging in his music. It’s such an incredible body of work. Love to his family and close friends. Continue resting peacefully Mac.

Deena Abdelwahed – Dhakar

Tunisian leftfield experimental techno producer Deena Abdelwahed has released a glitchy, heavy and wildly experimental release titled Dhakar. Will bass-heavy compositions and thumping energy, this 4-track EP brings character, taking influence from traditional Arabian music as well as electronic influences from that part of the world. It’s a truly memorable listening experience.

Medhane – DOLOMEALS (Single)

Produced by Nicholas Craven, Medhane’s new single “DOLOMEALS” is short, stripped back, raw and powerful. From the soulful sample to Medhane’s amazing verse, this track is already a highlight of mine this year, as he continues to grow as an artist with every release. Looking forward to more music in the next few years! Music video directed and edited by REVENXNT.

King Krule – (Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On (Single)

I believe this is the first piece of original music King Krule has released since his incredible 2017 album The OOZ. “(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On” is the soulful, meditative new single off his new album Man Alive! which is set to be released on the 21st February. Fuzzy yet smooth and warm guitar leads complement his emotive singing. It’s a really stellar track and I couldn’t be more excited for his upcoming album.

Thundercat – Black Qualls ft Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington (Single)

Thundercat is also releasing a brand new album this year. It’s titled It Is What It Is, set to be released on the 3rd April, and “Black Qualls” is his first single off that album. It features Steve Lacy and the legend Steve Arrington, and is a groovy, funky track features some infectious basslines and fun soulful vocals from both singers. It’s a fun track and a good way to kick off the year!

Weekly Playlist

Goya Gumbani – Thing For Risk (HGR Presents: A Thousand Months)
Ovrkast. – Face ft Navy Blue (Try Again)
Medhane – DOLOMEALS (Single)
AKAI SOLO & BSTFRND – Heaven’s Wrath (Like Haijime)
Tha God Fahim & The Architect – Till the Wheels Fall Off ft Mach- Hommy (Dollars “N” Sense)
$ilkmoney – Mouzone Brothas ft Fly Anakin (G.T.F.O.M.D: There’s Not Enough Room for All You Motha Fuckas to Be on It Like This)
The Professionals – Buggin (The Professionals)
Free Nationals – The Rivington ft Conway, Westside Gunn & Joyce Wrice (Free Nationals)
Mac Miller – Woods (Circles)
Dreamville – 1993 w/ J. Cole, JID, Cozz & EARTHGANG ft Smino & Buddy (Revenge of the Dreamers III: Directors Cut)
Thundercat – Black Qualls ft Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington (Single)
Gustav Gustav & Oliverlk – Focused (Single)
Ahwlee – Hunger (Earwax Headspace)
King Krule – (Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On (Single)
enjo – Lift Off (Endless)

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