Music: Blue Lab Beats – Voyage

Blue Lab Beats are a London-based hip-hop duo that don’t need any introduction. Their sound has brought one of my favourite projects of 2018 in Xover, and they are back with a cohesive and lengthy new album titled Voyage.

The 16 track album features some amazingly soulful and hard-hitting compositions, with features that add a tremendous amount of personality and depth to the record. It starts off with “Intro” and flows into “Hi There,” a colourful, upbeat track that’s engaging and wonderfully produced. The thumping beat is infectious and brings a hypnotic groove. “Voyage” featuring Kaidi Akinnibi is this cosmic, swirling jazz epic, with incredible saxophone grooves, synths and guitar leads that sound just incredible. Sampa the Great features on “Next (Wake Up)” and as usual kills her contribution with a tremendously beautiful verse and a hard-hitting instrumental. Tracks like “On & On” are soulful, with gorgeous vocal contributions from Saffron Grace. “Galactic Funk” is, as its name suggests a wildly funky tune featuring KinKai, and “Stand Up” is another jazz-heavy track with layered horn sections and features from Kaidi Akinnbi, Richie Garrison and Mrs MAURICE. “Maurice” is a hard-hitting, Dilla-esque thumping beat, with incredible drums. “What R U Here 4?” featuring James Alexander, Nice The Guy and Jaz Karis is another colourful, funky tune with a tremendous amount of funk and groove to it, while “None of That” ends the album with a groovy jam that again captures the essence of the duo, who have brought a consistently great sound over the space of just over an hour. It’s a great project and fitting follow up to Xover for me, and it’s awesome to witness them grow from strength to strength.

Listen to Blue Lab Beats’ brand new album Voyage below via Spotify and don’t forget to support! Released via Blue Adventure/AllPoints.

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