Peyton’s soulful and personal new EP Reach Out makes her one of the more exciting Stones Throw artists in recent years

Calls going straight to voice mail. Unanswered text messages. Listen…being on the wrong side of too many digital missed connections in this advanced mechanical age can feel like a one-way ticket to dumb town according to our fateful ingenue.

Like a belt falling short of its purpose after a holiday meal, nobody got time for that. Peyton, the 22-year-old Houston based musician, whose Grandmother taught piano to Beyoncé at one time. She sings about missing a “dude”, over Bob Ross keyboard colors, during the intro of her 13-minute debut EP Reach Out. That’s right, the IRT it takes to eat a Snapchat meal. But don’t judge kiddos. This Third-Ward legacy has collaborated with Steve Lacy from The Internet on her song “Verbs”,  and her songs, “Sweet Honey” and “Lifeline”, featured in episodes of HBO’s Insecure, assures us, that brawn plus snark will eat. Early Solange type modernity takes residence in this fleeting debut especially with “Come Over” a plushy bump R&B stinger, showcasing that Brandy & SWV type 90’s professionalism that comes with cocoa buttered shine and funky schleprock type hip-hop production skills upfront in the mix.

Grinding pathos and hilarity up and serving it with dead-ass blankness one moment and fake sobbing the next, the video for “To Spare”, displays the brevity in its creation.”This is a song I wrote in 15-20 min before my shift when I worked at Banana Republic in The Galleria in Houston last year. The words just came out with ease. When things happen like that, you know it’s meant to be.”

Yes yes, y’all. 

Peyton will be releasing her debut EP Reach Out via Stones Throw this Friday 13th September. Make sure you support! Listen to “to spare” below via YouTube.

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