Music: Sarathy Korwar – More Arriving

London-based multi-instrumentalist Sarathy Korwar has been one of the most exciting voices in the UK Jazz scene for a while now. His debut album Day To Day was a beautiful piece of music celebrating diversity in sound and bringing heaps of energy and personality. Originally from India, Sarathy’s music has taken heavy influence from traditional Indian music, and has always kept it modern with electronic compositions perfect for the dancefloor – the Day To Day Remixes album was proof of that. On his sophomore album More Arriving, he celebrates multiculturalism, with music that touches on influences from around the world including some pretty amazing collaborations.

It’s 8 tracks and 43 minutes in length, with each record providing a different, unique type of energy. The first record “Mumbay” features hypnotic percussion and soulful and hypnotic brass instrumentation. MC Mawali provides a heavy, energetic verse. The tension of the track builds with extra percussion, keys and synths as well as brass instrumentation and intense drumming. This kind of intensity is present throughout the album with tracks like “Coolie” featuring Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep and “Bol” featuring Zia Ahmed & Aditya Prakash, with intense tuba playing and hypnotic vocals bringing these tracks truly to life. There are more emotive moments too, such as on the track “Mango” with it’s introspective spoken word verse from Zia Ahmed. The hypnotic vocal performance by Mirande on “Good Ol’ Vilayati” is an emotive, profoundly moving moment on the album. The amazing 12 minute composition on “City of Words” featuring TRAP POJU and Mirande make it a clear stand out on the album to me, as the gorgeous percussion, brass and synth leads throughout the album are breathtaking to listen to. Overall, this album is so dense with so many bright and exciting ideas. It proves once again how incredible Sarathy Korwar is as a composer and producer, really bringing to light many of the emotions people feel in a such a multicultural and diverse place as Britain. A great, great release.

Listen to Sarathy Korwar’s brand new album More Arriving below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via TheLeafLabel.

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