Music: Rago Foot & King Carter – Prayers Ain’t Enough

This has been a collaboration I have been waiting for! Rago Foot is one of my favourite producers and artists in general, having produced some great projects recently with Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission and WE NEED TO TALK. I know King Carter for his solo material, but also his collaborations with fellow New York artist MIKE. Together, they have released an excellent new album titled Prayers Ain’t Enough, a subdued and moody body of work that’s both reflective and incredibly introspective.

The 17 track album starts with a vicious beat from King Carter, who talks shit about politics, as you do, over a subdued, high-paced but moody, synth-heavy beat that fits the tone of the themes perfectly. The production throughout is idiosyncratic, with a diverse set of samples a somewhat suffocating tone with some of the muddy, murky sound throughout. “Run It Up” featuring MIKE is a clear highlight on this album, with the New York emcee bringing a heartfelt verse, while King Carter is motivational and more optimistic with his message. Other highlights on the album for me include “Sacrament of Penance,” produced by Cleto Marez, as King Carter gives an emotional verse about his parents, while “Back Bird” features beautiful vocals from London-based artist George Riley, as her vocals are looped over the beat, with King Carter speaking on a very personal level about mental health and police brutality in a pretty raw and honest way. The beat is beautiful and it’s a great moment on the album. “Who’s Gonna Save The World,” produced by Ahwlee is pretty special too, with the odd samples throughout this track, and King Carter rapping about his mental health and how he deals with it. Rago Foot also comes through with a verse, not for the first time. I would have liked to hear him spit more throughout the project, but the times he does show up, he really shows up. Talented producer and rapper Goya Gumbani appears on this project on a couple of instances, with “All for It,”(produced by Cleto Marez) which features Knxwledge’s “What More Can I Say,” sample for NxWorries’ Yes Lawd! The introspection and mood he brings to this album is needed, as he flows effortlessly over the diverse production.

Overall man, this is a really great album and I’m glad to see that there are more London-New York collaborations coming about. It’s very important to acknowledge and celebrate those who made this project happen: Goya Gumbani, Cleto Marez, Rago Foot, Omari Lyseight, Nigz TG, Ahwlee, and MIKE. I’ve always thought that London has a verse similar sound that would resonate with a lot of the underground hip-hop stuff that is happening in the US, so this is great!

Listen to Rago Foot & King Carter’s new collaborative album Prayers Ain’t Enough below via Spotify and don’t forget to support!

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