Music: Rago Foot – Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission

You guys have no idea how psyched I am about this release. London-based artist Rago Foot has been releasing some of my favourite music for the past couple of years. Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission is a project which includes production credits and rap features from friends and frequent collaborators REDLEE, Edgar The Beatmaker, Jadasea, PHAROPY, Oliver Palfreyman, fleece, Kiran Kia, Cecil B Demented, Ommetis & Wooks.

It’s the type of eerie, ambient and experimental sound that sounds so futuristic it’s crazy. Rago’s introspective and complex lyricism shines through on this project with heartfelt raps on tracks such as ”Keep A Pen Close’ and In Full Effect.’ Rago really is one of the best emcees from London at the moment, with clever wordplay and punchlines, as well as a diverse set of tones, cadences and flows he flexes throughout. As a producer, Rago comes through with some his best beats. ‘Mad Method’ contains three incredible beat-switches (the last 20 seconds of that track are orgasmic) and ‘Don’t Get Caught Slippin” is equally as beautiful. On the latter half of this album, tracks such as ‘Zim Zimma,’ which features fleece and produced by Kiran Kia is a slow, jazzy and introspective jam, and ‘Put Those Days Behind Me,’ which features Cecil B Demented, and my guy Ommetis is so goddamn beautiful and ethereal – spiritual almost. Produced by Wooks, it might be one of my tracks of the year. The album closes with a 6 minute stunner, a two part track titled ‘21105 / Too Well I Know The Otherside’ produced by Edgar The Beatmaker.

At this point it’s clear that Rago Foot is one of the greatest talents to come out of London in recent years within the emerging, hip-hop, jazz and experimental scene. He may have released my favourite project of 2017 on the very last day of the year. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Listen to Rago Foot’s Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission below via Bandcamp, and make sure you support him by purchasing this one.

Mixed & mastered by Maxwell Owin.

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