Music: Laneous – Monstera Deliciosa

Emerging from Brisbane’s hip-hop and neo-soul scene is Laneous, a gifted musician who has released stellar music over the years that has reached far beyond the Australian borders. Monstera Deliciosa is his new album, a terrific insight into the world of neo-soul and jazz from a talented musician who can sing, play the guitar, keys, flute, Guzheng, glockenspiel and percussion.

Tracks like “Terms” are gorgeous in their composition with excellent drumming complemented by smooth soulful vocals and a mixture of guitar, basslines and incredible grooves that just sound terrific. “Waves Of Nightingales” is a gorgeous Bulbul Tarang-led track that has so much soul and beautiful energy that it’s difficult not to feel enamored with the musicianship between the members of the group. “Hold My Hand” is smooth as butter, with the rich tapestry of sounds and textures that make it a soulful listening experience. The ethereal guitar-led “Modern Romance” is stunning, with beautiful vocals and an infectious energy. “I Wanna Be Your Girl” is a quirky jam with playful vocals and an upbeat and fun instrumental that adds character to the record. I can keep going about the qualities of the music on this album, but I’ll let the music do the talking. Monstera Deliciosa is a brilliant album and Laneous is an incredible talent.

Performed by 
Laneous – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Flute, Guzheng, Glockenspiel, Percussion 
Donald Stewart – Vibes, Fugelhorn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Horn, Vocals 
Simon Mavin – Keys, Vocals 
Paul Bender – Bass, Keys, Vocals 
Hudson Whitlock – Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
Hannah Macklin – Vocals 
Lars Hornveth – Lap Steel (Outroduction) 
Barney McCall – Bulbul Tarang (Waves Of Nightingales) 
Dave Rabinovic – Violin (Not Quite Right, Waves Of Nightingales) 
Lola Tanzi – Spoken Word (Terms, Outroduction) 

Listen to Laneous’ amazing Monstera Deliciosa below via Bandcamp, and don’t forget to support! Released via Soul Has No Tempo.

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