Cherry Bandora’s 2015 classic and the aura of Middle Eastern Surf Rock

The aura and charm of Cherry Bandora’s self-titled 2015 classic cannot go unnoticed. She is a Berlin-based belly dancer with the voice of an angel. A “jewish oriental princess” according to her Bandcamp page, the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences on this album make it such an upbeat listen. Time and time again, when I listen to Middle Eastern music I can’t help but sway my head from side to side and want to dance. There is such an infectious and mesmeric aura that some musicians are able to create with the guitar grooves and percussion that it’s just impossible not to dance to it.

Cherry Bandora is an example of this, and it’s only enriched by Cherry’s stunning and soulful vocal performance throughout. The keys and guitar grooves provide for an engaging listen, but her vocals provide the soul and heart of the project. On tracks such as “Xronia Polla,” the groove and impeccable beat make her vocal performance sound dynamic and confident. She comes across as a woman in control, a woman in power. This same type of energy is translated time and time again throughout the album, with records like “Atsan Atılmaz Satsan Satılmaz” and “Ölmek Var Dönmek Yok” giving way for incredible instrumental compositions and a dominant, beautiful vocal performance from Cherry Bandora, who commands the mic with her stunning and unique vocal performance. The guitar leads just add to the charm of this record, and I cannot get enough of the mesmeric rhythm of the track. Middle Eastern Surf Rock is a unique and incredibly powerful genre of music that is perfect for some intense listening.

You can listen to and enjoy Cherry Bandora’s self-titled album below via Bandcamp. Don’t forget to support! Released via Batov Records.

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