In Search Of Media Weekly: Playlist #18

Now that I’m back in London, I can focus more on doing more for the website, and I’ve been listening to quite a lot of interesting, experimental music recently off the back of my trip to Japan. So without further ado, here’s a new playlist with a bunch of crazy music.

Slauson Malone – Off Me! and or the Wake, Pt. 1 & 2 ft Pink Siifu (A Quiet Farewell, Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Eighteen)
Pink Siifu & el delpha – Siifu Side (Single)
Former Boy – Talking Treasure ft Jeremiah Jae & Zeroh (Talking Treasure)
Maxo – Headphones (LIL BIG MAN)
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – Protectors of the Heat ft Hemlock Ernst (Hella Personal Film Festival)
Stoney Willis – Discernment (Face Fear)
MeaKoom & Bare Beats – Alone (Mi)
Jitwam – busstop (Honeycomb)
Quinton Brock – Hold Me (Single)
Wiki – Livin With My Moms (Lil Me)
Solange – Sound of Rain (When I Get Home)
Tulin – D&D (Single)
Flying Lotus – Takashi (Single)
Dego & Kadi – Acting up on that Shit Don’t Count (Dego & Kadi)
Melodiesinfonie – Feel Me (A Journey to You)
Rejoicer – Five Winds (Heavy Smoke EP)
Matt Martians – Knock Knock (The Last Party)
Idris Muhammad – The Saddest Thing (Power Of Soul)
McCoy Tyner – Fly With The Wind (Fly With The Wind)
Ross Blake – Ages (Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack)

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. I run In Search Of Media with the aim of giving a platform to independent beatmakers, rappers and talented musicians. I also hope to make this a home for music discovery, interesting film analysis, exhibition reviews and other interesting content for all of you guys to dive in to. I hope to start a podcast and documentary-style project soon. If you're looking to be a part of this creative project, please go to the contact page and drop me an email, or connect via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I also write for 'Music Is My Sanctuary.' Thanks 🙏

2 comments on “In Search Of Media Weekly: Playlist #18

  1. Do you think you will expand the range of genres you include in the playlist?

    • These playlists are designed to give an insight into what we’re listening to that particular week, so it depends, but thanks for pointing that out!

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