Music: Cykada – Cykada EP

London-based jazz group Cykada completely own their moment on their new self-titled debut EP. Released just a couple of weeks ago, this talented new jazz group have blown me away with their dynamic and dense compositions. Bassist Jamie Benzies is the backbone of this group, and is accompanied by incredibly talented musicians. With Tilé Gichigi-Lipere, also a fellow former member of the legendary band Myriad Forest and Drummer Tim Doyle aka Chiminyo, they were the first members of Cykada. Trumpeter Axel Kaner-Lidstrom, Saxophonist James Mollison and secret weapon Guitarist Javi Pérez complete the ensemble, and together have crafted an album full of energy and beautiful melodies.

“Creation” kicks Cykada EP with swirling saxophone melodies, subtle but poignant drumming and guitar leads that bring out a personality and tone to the album that is kept throughout. They present a true dynamic energy, which is translated further on “Dimension Stepper,” which is a 2-step track with immense energy and a groove that is perfect for dance floors all over the world. The frantic drumming and synth leads that come in later on in the track give it such immense energy, it really is impossible to sit still when listening through. “Ophelia’s Message” has a heavy-metal inspired guitar groove throughout the latter half of the track that really is heavy and dense with sounds. “Realise” is a dope, high-energy track with an emphasis on the fast-paced drumming and an Eastern-European vibe with the saxophone leads throughout. “Third Eye Thunder” is an 11-minute stunner with layers of saxophone, drumming, guitar and groovy basslines that reverberate throughout this lengthy but memorable closer.

To conclude – yeah this EP is amazing. There is just so much energy and eclecticism to it that it really stands out as one of the best jazz releases to come out this year. Please go listen to Cykada’s Cykada EP below via Bandcamp, and don’t forget to support! Released via Astigmatic Records.

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