Live at the Jazz Cafe: Jerome Thomas

Jerome Thomas’ new project Mood Swings (Volume One) has been my most played albums since it came out a couple of weeks ago. “Route Of Escape” is track of the year so far, and this new EP is project of the year so far as well. It’s crazy to think that I only found out about him a couple of weeks ago, but thank god I did. Anyways, he’s on tour at the moment promoting this gem, and I got to see him live at the Jazz Cafe on Wednesday 27th February.

Shoutouts go out to Sean Gran from Stay Cool Fam, who killed it as DJ for the evening, Jamilah Barry for the goosebump-inducing vocal performance, who stepped in as support due to Serious Klein cancelling due to sickness, and Jyoty for being a great host. As for Jerome Thomas though…

Man, when I say he brought the energy and personality to his performance on stage, I mean it. It may even be an understatement. Because he OWNED it. I haven’t seen many musicians command the stage like he did. The band brought the energy through their energetic contributions on keys, bass, guitar drums, saxophone and trumpet. He performed some of my favourites off the new project including “Bruises” and “Route of Escape,” and also gave us a stellar performance of “1989” (featuring Warren Xclnce, who was in the building I believe). There were some improvisational moments as well as tracks being extended, as people danced and vibed out to the music. There’s so much I could say, but to be honest, things are best experienced live.

You can listen to Jerome Thomas’ Mood Swings (Volume One) below via Spotify.

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